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Debunking the Myth of Big East Conference Football; What Your OB-GYN isn't Telling You

by Jai Eugene, Loser with Socks

I was reading the West Virginia message boards when I came across this lively debate between Eer and Big 10 fans titled "Who has the toughest schedule Michigan or West Virginia?" I thought to myself "holy shit these idiots can't possibly be thinking that they are in the caliber as Michigan and the Big 10". They sure as shit think that they do. They really think that the Big East can compete with the Big Boys on a weekly basis. That is just crazy talk....(HT for the Tip BucknEer)

For sake of argument, here are the Michigan and WVU schedules. Note that the WVU is littered with ESPN telecasts. That nugget of information will be important in a few minutes.

West Virginia 2007 Football Schedule/Results
2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007
Date Opponent Result/Time Record/Tickets TV
September 1Western Michigan 3:30 PM ETTickets
September 8at Marshall 11:10 AM ETTickets
September 13at Maryland 7:45 PM ETTickets
September 22East Carolina TBATickets
September 28at South Florida 8:00 PM ETTickets
October 6at Syracuse TBATickets
October 20Mississippi State TBATickets
October 27at Rutgers TBATickets
November 8Louisville 7:30 PM ETTickets
November 17at Cincinnati TBATickets
November 24Connecticut TBATickets
December 1Pittsburgh TBATickets

Michigan 2007 Football Schedule/Results
2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 | 2007
Date Opponent Result/Time Record/Tickets TV
September 1Appalachian State 12:00 PM ETTickets
September 8Oregon 3:30 PM ETTickets
September 15Notre Dame 3:30 PM ETTickets
September 22Penn State TBATickets
September 29at Northwestern TBATickets
October 6Eastern Michigan TBATickets
October 13Purdue 12:00 PM ETTickets
October 20at Illinois 8:00 PM ETTickets
October 27Minnesota TBATickets
November 3at Michigan State TBATickets
November 10at Wisconsin TBATickets
November 17Ohio State TBATickets

Michigan has a tough schedule this year, but the toughest games are at home: Oregon, Notre Dame, Penn State and Ohio State all come to Ann Arbor. Wisconsin will be tough road game.

WVU has Louisville at home, and both Rutgers and USF on the road. Since these two aren't known as being tough road environments and WVU should win both. Eer fans really seem to believe that since ESPN is broadcasting some of their games that an ESPN broadcast means that their opponent is tougher. Somehow rationalizing that ESPN broadcasts means that their strength of schedule is increased......Grasping ...at......straws....Eers... Reality is that all of the television broadcasts are just part of the contract between the Big East and ESPN.

Reading on through the message board thread, Eer fans posted super smart comments like "Michigan sucks" and the "Big Ten is mediocre". To be honest, I agree with the Eer comments. I just happen to think that WVU sucks more than Michigan does and that the Big East is overhyped conference because of the ESPN contract. Am I flaming? Yes I am, but I can back it up. Check this data because the numbers don't lie:

Ohio State 22-3 / West Virginia 22-3
Wisconsin 22-4 / Louisville 21-4
Penn State 20-5 / Rutgers 18-7
Michigan 18-7 / South Florida 15-10
82-19 / 76-24

The top four teams in the Big Ten played 35 ranked opponents and went 22-13 while the Big East top four schools played 19 ranked teams and went below .500 at 9-10. Keep in mind that there 11 teams in the Big 10 and only 8 in the Big East. (Stats from Stassen and Sagarin)

West Virginia 3-2, Louisville 3-2, South Florida 2-4, Rutgers 1-2
Ohio State 9-3, Wisconsin 4-2, Penn State 5-4, Michigan 4-4

Next 4
Iowa 13-12 / Cincinnati 12-12
Minnesota 13-12 / Pitt 11-12
Purdue 13-12 / U Conn 9-14
Northwestern 11-13 / Syracuse 5-18
50-49 / 37-56

Michigan State 9-14
Indiana 9-14
Illinois 4-19

Wow again. The Big East big four are below .500 with a 9-10 record against ranked opponents the last 2 seasons. Hellfire, they only have 8 teams in the conference as compared to 10-12 in the Big Boy conferences. They should be better overall from a mathematical perspective, but they aren't. The moral of this story is that you can only shine the Big East turd so much. And turds don't shine real bright.

What about the Big East claim of "we were 5-0 in bowls"? What about that, hmmm? Let’s review the Big East’s stellar 2006/2007 five and 0 bowl record (HT to Jon Koncak for the data):

  • UL beats Wake Forest in the most unattractive BCS bowl games to date. The worst Orange Bowl for as long anyone can remember. When Orange Bowl officials found out who they got for their premier game, a collective, “awww, shiiiaaatttt…” leaked from the board room.
  • The cute Rutgers story of the year put them in the Texas Bowl against Big 12 (7-6) powerhouse, Kansas State. Rutgers, the Big East runner-up, wins 37 - 10. Aww. It’s their 1st ever bowl win in 137 seasons played. How cute.
  • WVU, the big east #3, sneaks into the Gator Bowl and “destroys” GT 38-35. Ironically, that’s the same score they “destroyed” UGA with. “Destroy” is taught in WV public schools as a term to describe winning by any margin. WVU fans will not say that South Florida “destroyed” the mountaineers 24-19 in Morgantown, but, whatever.
  • Now here’s where the big games start. Big East #4, South Florida, faces the juggernaut East Carolina from C-USA. This was a game for the ages with South Florida winning the Papa John’s Bowl 24-7. Papa John’s gave both conferences $100,000 worth of liquid garlic butter and those mini end tables used to keep the pizza box from being brushed into the cheese.
  • Cincinnati (8-5), Big East #5, played the scrappy Western Michigan Broncos in Toronto in the International Bowl. I actually watched this whole game. I don’t know why, other than I must have been sick and the batteries on the remote must have been dead. Ironically, this was a good game. Kinda like how you can go to a high school football game and see a good game. Cincinnati came out to a 24-0 lead and eventually won the contest 27-24. Now that’s football.

So, the Big East’s 2006/7 bowl opponents were Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Kansas State, East Carolina, and Western Michigan. Wake Forest is the only team in the bunch to finish ranked in the top 30 with an 18 in the AP poll and 17 in the Coaches poll.

Why say all of that? I don’t know, really. Big East fans will never agree that their conference is inferior, so not only do I waste time watching Cincinnati in the International Bowl, but I wasted time researching Big East Bowl games.

You know how they have classifications in high school football? A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA? The Big East is AA. Every year a AA team will beat a AAAA or AAAAA team in football. They cheer and get all happy and say they can compete, but everyone knows they don’t have the depth or the ability to compete with the big boys every week. One game here and there? Sure, but WVU or UL isn’t escaping the SEC schedule with less than 3 losses during their best year.

The Big East is 13-5 against the SEC since 2000. What about that Jai? Do you got an answer for that? Why yes I do. I find it fascinating that they Big East blowhard fans crow about wins from schools that are not even the Conference anymore. Going back any further than 2005 is absolutely pointless as the Big East had different teams. But lets take a look anyway:

SEC Wins
2002 Vandy 28-24 Conn.
2002 Tenn 35-14 Rutgers
2001 Tenn 33-9 Syracuse
2002 Auburn 37-34 Syracuse
2003 Tenn 10-6 Miami

Big East Wins
2001 B.C. 20-16 Georgia
2002 V.Tech 26-8 LSU
2000 Miami 37-20 Florida
2002 Miami 26-3 Tenn
2002 Miami 41-16 Florida
2003 Miami 38-33 Florida
2006 W.V. 42-14 Miss. St.
2005 W.V. 38-35 Georgia
2000 W.V. 49-38 Miss.
2001 Syracuse 31-14 Auburn
2004 Rutgers 37-34 Vandy
2005 Louisville 59-28 Kentucky
2006 Louisville 31-24 Kentucky

Yep, they claim Miami, VT and Boston College. Schools that bailed out to the ACC leaving a vacuum for mid majors like Louisville to join a conference and allowing WVU to stop being a Big East bottom feeder. Speaking of bottom feeders, the Big East has worn out Ole Miss, Vandy and Mississippi State. It makes their argument of "we play and beat the SEC" sound really good until you look at who they play....

And finally, Big East fans love to ask "what happened when our champion met the SEC Champion in their home state?"

The Big East Team won. The blame for all of the Big East hype is squarely on the shoulders of UGA, nice going Mark Richt, way to overlook the little guy. Evidently the biggest win ever for the Conference, because they have no other point of reference. That win was similar to the 1980 US Hockey Team win over the USSR; The Cardinals winning the series last year; Boise State beating Oklahoma; South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs beating the University of Louisiana Cougars; A blind squirrel finding the occasional acorn; a broke clock giving the right time twice a day; and Halley's Comet. The point is that it was a blip on the radar, and anomaly. A Big East team can't play an SEC schedule week in and week out.

What will be really interesting is how the Conference will rebound when it's marquee players leave. I think that they only have three that are really pretty good. Who will replace Brohm and the two kids from WVU. Hell I don't even know their names so they can't be that great.I am sure it is hard to recruit to obscure schools with itty bitty stadiums.

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H'eer The F'eer said...

Until WVU and the rest of the Big East start losing OOC, guys like this have no argument. Slam our opponents all you want but we beat them all, even on New Year's Day.

You are damn right we can compete weekly. Nobody can touch teh Big East

TruWVBlu said...

You envy our place in the college FB world. Why else would you care what we think?

Jai Eugene said...

Eer fans are so insecure with their place in the CFB world

Would one of you at least try and debunk the numbers?

I don't believe that you can, but it is always sweet to see the spin that BE fans put on things.

Anonymous said...

The EERs and the NBE are not legit. The league is a joke and by playing weak teams OOC and so many weak in conference teams (UCONN, SU, Cinci) they are given a huge advantage over teams in real conferences that play tough teams and get beat up week in and week out.

dswinder said...

ah Big East fans are so blissfully happy in their state of ignorance...Ignorance is bliss after all...

Anonymous said...

If you dont know the names of the "two kids" at WVU then you show that you know nothing of college football. Both are legit heisman contenders... you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

If you dont know the names of the "two kids" at WVU then you show that you know nothing of college football. Both are legit heisman contenders... you are an idiot.

Jai Eugene said...

What are you? Retarded or is there another rolling blackout going through WV? Why the double post dingleberry?

Those 2 unknown players will be in canada with Chris leak carrying a clipboard

dswinder said...

Pat White is not going to win the Heisman...Neither is Steve Slayton...Slayton will be a finalist at least, but Pat White won't even make the trip to New York...The Big East blows...face it...

Anonymous said...

Pat White is better than Peyton Manning, he has a cannon arm

dswinder said...


Chimpanzee Rage said...

Does he have a laser rocket arm too?

dswinder said...

yeah...he shit lightning bolts too...

Mustafa Redonkulous said...

Does he shoot bees out of his mouth?

Anonymous said...

My guess, jai, is that your outing the BE is a secret little code for what you would like to do with yourself if you only had the nads.

That said, you taking the BE to task for its lack of success and pointing to the views of fanatics as what you are debunking, is fruitless.

Most reasonble people college football fans know that the BE has a long way to go. They also know the league has made substantial strides in the last few years.

But that is where your resentment shows your hypocrisy. You are simply on the other side of the fence from those who want to say the league has already arrived.

Anonymous said...

Pat White shits heisman trophies

The BE is weaker than ever. Strides backwards. 9-10 against rank foes speaks volumes on the ineptitude of the "big 4". Face it you guys suck and will suck worse when the marquee names leave. What bluechip recruit will want to play in a pizza parlor?

Anonymous said...

WVU fans know that this is their year if they truly are going to do anything. Slaton and White more than likely are gone at years end, but a true mountaineer fan knows that there will always be the mountaineer "blunder" game that will screw up their perfect season. This entire argument can be put to rest when WVU starts playing bigger ooc teams next year: Auburn and then Florida St. the next few years, along with others in the future.
But if you seriously think the BE could walk in and compete week in and week out with the Tenn. Floridas and LSU's of the SEC your kidding yourselves. WVU couldn't handles the Papa Johns Stadium Blackout nor could the Cards survive the mighty red out at Rutgers? There is no way you will survive back to back trips into the Swamp and to Neyland Stadium among the others.
Face it the BE and Pac 10(excluding USC) will always battle for the weakest BCS conf.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Pat White is better than Peyton Manning, he has a cannon arm"

Thanks for my daily laugh, dumbass.

Anonymous said...

The adjective used to describe the BE '06 Bowl Games is perfect - CUTE. Cute describes the whole conference, WV"u", and the conference's epic Thursday night matchups.

Well, either cute or silly.

WV fans will say what they say about how "real" the BE is. But, at the end of the day, nobody's getting excited about that big showdown with Cincy...or Rutgers...or USF. Nor does anyone outside of the conference want to watch these high school games.

Major Harris said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Don Nehlen said...

The numbers don't lie. The Big East is a pussy conference.

More Credible said...

Looking into Pat White's eyes causes seizures.

Thomas AKA A Non USC In Columbia. said...

Steve Slayton might be a heisman finalist. But he'll lose it to McFadden...another example of the SEC beats the Big "Boyband" East.

Anonymous said...

The NBE is a joke of a conference and when the next conference expansion goes down they will be put out of their misery.

The WVU fans are thumping their chests about a conference that a CUSA team now owns (UL). What a pathetic lot - Louisville comes in and takes over the conference after Miami, VT and BC leave. WTF is in the water in WV?

The Sports Hernia said...

If the Big East has better football than the Big 10, I'll wear Mel Kiper's bomb resistant hair helmet for an entire year...

theoriginaljd said...

One time Pat White and I went looking for a bar. Well Pat stops walking and sits in an open field and wouldn't you know it - they built a bar there. Well Pat orders a drink slugs it down and then burns the place to the ground. Over the roar of the flames he said "always leave things the way you found them."

allvol*AE02 said...

Wow...so much angst everywhere. First let me say that I have no dog in this fight. I'm a Tennessee alum who in addition to bleeding orange is also a huge fan of college football. With that said, folks play good football all over the place. I've lived around and gone to games in the Big-12, Big-10, Big East, Pac-10, MAC, C-USA, MWC and obviously the SEC. Though it obviously didn't mean as much nationally, the atmosphere and quality of the game when Rutgers went to Morgantown was every bit as good as it was in Columbus when Michigan came to Ohio State (and yes, I was at both games).

Is the Big East as a conference on better than the SEC/Big 10/12, probably not. Could Lousville and West Virginia be competitive in those conferences? Absolutely. Looking at last year's Big-10, you basically had 3 solid teams followed by a bunch of mediocrities. If you put last year's WVU team in last year's Big 10, they would've won at least 9...probably going 1-2 against UM, UW, and OSU and then laid an egg similar to the one they laid against USF last year. If the cards fell right (missing one of the top 3, getting the other 2 at home and a touch of luck), they had a good shot at going undefeated. I promise you that no one wants to try and catch those "two kids" from WVU (ask uh-GA's Greg Blue about that one). No one wants to spend all day with Briam Brohm throwing the ball around to the 6'6" Urita "kid". Just like no one wants to spend all day tracking down Darren McFadden or trying to lock down the USC passing game. WVU and UL might not be the best of the best in another "power" conference, but they'd be competitive and at least deserve a seat at the table.

As for your numbers (however like any set of statistics you can basically make them say whatever you want them to), there's not much to debunk. They should've gone 5-0 in the bowls last year. For their recent record against the SEC, and using the fact that "going back any further than 2005 is absolutely pointless", you'll note that the SEC has zero wins during that time frame...though I'll grant you the only impressive win was WVU's in the Sugar Bowl. I also don't understand that since the BE is smaller, they should be better "from a mathematical perspective"...not calling you an idiot just don't understand the logic.

For the crack about the conference's biggest ever win with no other point of reference...you're right on that one too because there's no history to go back on. The conference in its current state (the only time period I'm assuming you consider relevant) is only 2 years old!! Not a lot of time to rack up marquee wins.

The moral of this story is that since the ACC raid left the conference for dead, Big East football has recently proven it deserves a seat at the "Big Boy" table of the most exciting sport in the country. Will they stay? I beleive so. I've been impressed with what Rich Rodriguez has been able to do in Morgantown of all places...and it was a great atmosphere to go watch a game. Louisville's been getting better and better for years. USF could emerge as a 4th solid program in Florida. I doubt that Syracuse and Pitt will lay dormant for too much longer. I'm excited to see the conference's upcoming games with the Auburn's of the world.

Whatever happens, we all get to sit back and enjoy the ups and downs of the season with our favorite team. Blowhards on the radio who insist that Southern Cal would be guaranteed 4 losses in the SEC, or who say there's no way a Big East team could compete in any other BCS conference, or that the Big 10 was proven to be worthless after the bowls last year take away from the fun and excitement of the season. Amazing football is played everywhere...so sit back, throw something tasty on the grill, pour some of Uncle Jack's Old No. 7 into a glass or just grab a cold one (or 12) and take it all in.

Jai Eugene said...

What the fuck was that comment? We don't speak yoda here. Clean it up next time pal. the Big East blows, it is the Sun Belt Conference on Roids. The BCS Bid should be taken away from this island of misfit toys and given to a team that actually plays a tough schedule..like fresno state or Troy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for wasting your time, put up numbers and try to "rationalize" them to fit your arguement. The BE goes undefeated in the bowl games and people bitch that they all we inferior oppenents. Did it ever occur to you that the BE does not choose who they play? I am not boasting we won all the bowl games. But for you to point that out as yet another reason why the BE is so week is just plain STUPID. Keep trucking that Phoenix Online journalism degree will one day pay off. Duchebag.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of stupid Homes, it's spelled "douche" not duche or dutch or anything else.

If you are ashamed of the BE's opponents in bowls, then STFU about being 5-0, duche

Anonymous said...

Isn't the University of West Virginia the place where they throw batteries at opposing fans and players and light couches on fire. Talk about a place that deserves to be wiped off the map!

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