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Ernie Sims: The Anti-Vick

by Kyle Smith Doberman on the Diamond

Detroit Lions linebacker Ernie Sims probably won't be spending much time with Michael Vick. Sims, the Lions first round pick in 2006, has a bit of a different style when it comes to dealing with animals. He loves them - all different kinds of them. He even has a "Reptile Room" at his home. In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Sims describes his collection of animals. They include:

- 12-foot Python
- Anaconda
- Ball Python
- Albino Ball Python
- Red Tail Albino Boa Constrictor
- Snow Boa Constrictor
- Green Tree Python
- Granite Burmese Python

- Six Pit Bulls
- Three Jack Russell Terriers
- German Shorthaired Pointer
(Dog's names: JR, Snoopy, Lily Mae, Kurupt, Lion, Roxy, King Kong, Candy Girl and 8-ball)

Bearded Dragons
- Five Bearded Dragons

- Two Green Iguanas
- Red-Tailed Monitor
- White-Throat Monitor
- Savannah Monitor

- Five Dark Frogs - poisonous

- One Tarantula

For the record, that is 34 different animals. And Sims is pretty serious about his love of animals, if you couldn't already tell. He explained he has two major goals after football: become a veterinarian ... and own his own zoo. Which might be a little pricey. But that doesn't mean we're not rooting for the guy.

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DCScrap said...

Bearded dragons? That sounds like a club for the wives of guys like Mike Piazza and Jeff Garcia.

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