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Hot Golf Wives and Girlfriends... Don't Worry Sergio has a Shoulder to Cry On

by , The Angry T

This article began with the best of intentions. I was going to write about The Open and talk about how Sergio will bounce back and win a major very soon. You can still mark those words and pencil Sergio in for a major in the next year, but this article has taken a turn or the worse, or for the better depending on if you like titties. As I was looking for pictures of Sergio Garcia’s girlfriend, I noticed that quite a few golfers had some damn good looking girlfriends, and thus the poignant think piece that I was concocting was shelved in favor of some good old fashioned T and A. So, here they are, the hottest of the hot golfer wives and girlfriends:

Morgan Norman – Sergio Garcia’s Girlfriend and Greg Norman’s Daughter(on the right)

Sonja Toms – David Toms Wife

Emma Lofgren – Henrik Stenson’s Girlfriend

Amy Mickelson – Phil Mickelson’s Wife

Jocelyn Hefner – Paul Casey’s Girlfriend (on the far right. Luke Donald’s girlfriend on the left)

Diane Antonopoulos – Luke Donald’s Fiancée

The crème de la crème - Elin Woods – Tiger Woods Wife

Elin is really the class of this group. I guess if you are the best in world at a sport and are worth 200 million dollars, you can get a great looking woman. I might work on becoming good at something. (I am not very good at this writing business yet, if you need evidence, visit) I'll start with bear baiting, and work my way from there.

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