Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Michael Vick Has Ties to Al-Qaeda

Michael Vick Has Ties to Al-Qaeda

by WCK, 100% Injury Rate

Or at least that's what one inmate in South Carolina thinks. BeRecruited SportsWrap found out that John Lee Riches, who seems to be a somewhat disturbed prisoner, has managed to file paperwork in Richmond, Virginia for a suit against Michael Vick. He's suing Vick for $63 billion. Yes, $63 billion "for theft and abuse of my animals."

There are some choice accusations in here by Riches, namely that Vick pledged alliegance to Al-Qaeda and that he used money from dogfighting to buy missiles from Iran. That last one kills me. So here is the complete lawsuit after the jump. Just click on each page for the blown up readable version.

(UPDATE: Mr. Riches has struck again!)

11 comment(s):

My Hero Zero said...

Clearly, if Mr. Vick is not convicted the terrorists win.

lazy handle said...

Actually, he's asking for $63 billion BILLION dollars, delivered by UPS. That's going to be one pissed off delivery man.

kmonty - BroncoTalk.net said...

Actually, that's one delivery man who will probably "get lost" en route...

Anonymous said...

SO *THATS* what happened to my publishers clearing house winnings ... lost in route

James said...

Can I be his attorney 30% of that is HOW MUCH????????

Anonymous said...

That's 21 Billion BILLION dollars. Can you image the cut the government would want on that?

Anonymous said...

What a dumbass! Anybody with half a brain knows you sue for Euros! Dollars are for suckers and chumps like the RIAA!!

Anonymous said...

It appears to me that he wrote "63,000,000,000,00 Billion," i.e., leaving off a zero. If we fix his commas and read it literally, it would be $6,300,000,000,000,000,000,000, or $6.3 sextillion. I doubt that much money even exists in the world.

On the other hand, maybe that last comma is meant to be a decimal point, in which case it's $63 billion billion: $63,000,000,000,000,000,000. This is "only" $63 quintillion.

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