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Questions Remain Over Pat Tillman's Death

by Don, With Malice...

It was kind of shocking to read the paper this morning, yet more news on the Pat Tillman story - apparently Army medical examiners were highly suspicious of 3 bullet holes in Tillman's forehead, and tried - at the time, unsuccessfully - to get Army investigators to explore whether the death amounted to a crime.

According to an Associated Press report, the doctor who examined Tillman stated "The medical evidence did not match up with the... with the scenario as described." The bullet holes were apparently fired from an M16 fired from a distance of about 30 feet. No evidence of enemy fire was found at the scene: no-one was hit by enemy fire, nor any US equipment struck. The doctor approached superiors, and was brushed off.

However, this runs contrary to the inquiry the Pentagon did perform (and eventually they did do a criminal investigation). This found that Pat Tillman's death at the hands of comrades was a 'friendly fire incident'. During the inquiry, investigators did ask officers/soldiers if it was thought that Tillman was intentionally killed, and they responded to a man that Tillman was well-liked & that the shooting was accidental.

Mary Tillman has long believed that much was being withheld, remains suspicious, and is looking forward to the Congressional Hearings this coming week.

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The situation reeks. Initial reports that he was killed by enemy fire, followed up weeks later by the news that it was 'friendly fire' - have done nothing to ameliorate the muddiness of what actually happened, nor assuage the guilt of the military in this. I don't think we'll ever know what truly happened, or who was involved in the cover-up - and the immense pain that it still provides Mary Tillman is evident with every word she speaks.

Who was involved in the concealment? How high did it go? Rightly so, the government & the Pentagon have copped a lot of flack over the lies and deceit, and with the reported demotion of retired Lt. Gen. Philip R. Kensinger Jr., one has to ask - is that as high as it went? Or is he just a sacrificial goat for the masses? It's probably a question that we, the public, will never know the answer to.

[source: Japan Times]

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Vigilante said...

It's not clear to me that Tillman was "executed", but questions abound:

1) Who killed Pat Tillman?
2) Why was Pat Tillman killed?
3) Who covered up the Truth?
4) What did the president know and when did he know it?
5) Why does he resort - yet again - to executive privilege?

If Bush has nothing to hide, why does he hide everything?

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