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Top 10 Unanswered Questions About the Eddy Curry Robbery

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

Is Tim Donahgy tipping off the criminal element in the greater Chicago region? Because the Eddy Curry robbery -- where the player was at home, and relieved of his belongins with his family at gunpoint -- seems eerily similar to the Antoine Walker incident, and happened just three weeks later.

In both cases, no one was hurt, which makes the following tasteless list much easier to laugh at. Especially since this did not happen to us.

10) Did any of the robbers look like Isiah Thomas, or use the words "cap relief"?

9) After taking Eddy's money, did the robbers turn it over, or fail to pass it to each other?

8) Which of Eddy's donuts did the robbers enjoy most?

7) Was the defense at the Curry home easy to penetrate?

6) Has anyone determined Zach Randolph's whereabouts at the time of the crime?

5) Who is Eddy planning to rob in return?

4) The robbery happened on Saturday morning. Why was Eddy at home?

3) Will this get him sympathy calls from the refs next year?

2) Does this make him regret not moving to the much safer New York City area?

1) How did Eddy keep the robber from getting a shot off?

Finally, this -- who's next? Feel free to add your candidate in the comments (or, for that matter, the culprit). In both cases, we're taking Tyson Chandler.

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Anonymous said...

Jalen Rose has been stealing money for years, and knows his way around Chicago. Plus, he's got that Fab Five crime history happening

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