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Against the Spread: Gambling is Why You Love Football

by Marco, Just Call Me Juice

You'll hear this the debate from sports analysts all the time; How has the NFL become America's sport? You'll hear arguments that it's because football is more team oriented and therefore easier to follow, they only play once a week and that we are a violent culture and enjoy watching people getting hit. All solid arguments in their own right, but let's be real here; football's popularity is bolstered 1000% because it's easy to bet on. Have you ever tried to bet on a baseball games? If so, you'll know what I mean.

With that said, welcome to Against The Spread, EC's weekly football gambling column. Every Thursday, I'll be posting five picks from college football and the NFL, as well as reviewing the previous week's picks. Most likely I will also use this space to rant about how some meaningless 4th quarter interception always seems to screw me. You'll also get the picks from some of your favorite EC writers. Since there are no previous picks to review or NFL games to discuss, let's get down to the picks.

Marco's Picks (Home Team in CAPS)
WISCONSIN -14 Washington State
CAL -6 Tennessee
NEBRASKA -21 Nevada
OKLAHOMA -40.5 North Texas
MISS STATE +18 Lsu (Upset Special)

BD's Picks
Western Michigan +23.5 WEST VIRGINIA
North Texas +40.5 Vs. OKLAHOMA
GEORGIA -6 Vs. Oklahoma St
Lsu -18 Vs. MISS STATE
WISCONSIN -14 Vs. Washington State

WCT's Picks
Tennessee +6 at CAL
GEORGIA-6.5 vs. Ok State
WISCONSIN -14 vs. Washington St.
Florida St. -3 at CLEMSON
AUBURN -13.5 vs. Kansas St.

DCScrap's Picks
OKLAHOMA -40.5 North Texas
GEORGIA -6 Okla. St.
WISCONSIN -14 Wash. St.
TEXAS -39 Ark. St.
VIRGINIA TECH -27.5 East Carolina

Bstone's Picks
VIRGINIA TECH -27.5 East Carolina
WISCONSIN -14 Washington State
WVU -23.5 Western Michigan
ARKANSAS -23.5 Troy
GEORGIA -6 Oklahoma State

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