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Around the International Sporting World

by Kyle Smith, Doberman On The Diamond

As American sports fans, we usually have little regard for what the rest of the world is doing athletically. However, there are sports outside of the United States, and nations around the globe are just as passionate about their teams as we are about ours. We simply care about different sports than they do.

With that said, let's take a look at some of the more interesting things happening in the world of international sports.

- There are a number of certainties in life: death, taxes and coaches banging underage athletes. BadJocks.com has made a living off of those type of stories. Well, it seems like that isn't solely an American problem. Australian Olympic swimming coach Mark Thompson was charged with 11 counts of "sexual penetration of a child under 16," for having his way with an 11 year old boy he coached.

Sexual penetration. Well, one thing's for sure - there is no gray area in regards to what the crime is. Here, we have terms like sodomy or molestation. Not the Aussies. They get right to the point.

- Baseball has brought love to Shanghai. It seems the love of Japanese baseball brought the insanely gorgeous Asian pop star Koda Kumi(pictured) and Masahiro Nakai, who is a member of Japanese boy band SMAP. A Shanghai paper had this to say about them:

"Baseball is one of their favourite topics. He is a big fan of the Yomiuri Giants baseball team and once dreamt of becoming a professional baseballer, while she joined a baseball club in junior high school."

- Serbian soccer fans? They're kinda racist. Okay, they're a lot racist.

- Zimbabwe soccer coaches got into a fight with one another. Then apologized. Sort of.

"Moroka Swallows' coach, Ian Gorowa has apologised for assaulting Supersport United's coach, Gavin Hunt. 'I wish to make it clear that I do not condone unsporting behaviour ... I do feel it to be a bit unfair that I am being portrayed as the sole guilty party; Gavin Hunt has been a head coach for some time now and and will understand that actions such as telephoning my players in the week before the match, not shaking my hand before the game and swearing at me and my players during the game was not going to lead to a serene atmosphere.'"

- If you were planning on buying a thoroughbred from Australia, you should probably hold off on that. Seems there is a flu outbreak among equine down under.

- There's nothing spectacularly interesting about this story, except the headline that was chosen.

- The Scots have had enough with all the cheating going on in sports.

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