Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: The Blog Wiser Hot Seat: Strike Zones and End Zones

The Blog Wiser Hot Seat: Strike Zones and End Zones

by Stan and Rupert, Ghosts of Wayne Fontes

It's another round of the good 'ole "Blog Wiser Hot Seat" today at Epic Carnival. This is your chance and our chance to get to know the residents at this here site on a much more personal level. Today's guest should need little introduction, as she recently snagged the "Cum Dumpster" slot in the KSK Fantasy League. And so if you would, please give a warm welcome to our good friend and carny...Sarah (aka Sports Girl365) from Strike Zones and End Zones.

We ask the questions, she gives the difficult answers. All things considered we've got a sneaking suspicion this session went pretty well, no restraining orders and no harrasment charges filed...yet. Sarah was no doubt a good sport and we hope you all appreciate her taking the time. Anyhow, enough lathering...let's get to know this girl a little bit better.

Ghosts: First off, props on your site Strike Zones and End Zones and thanks for all the great email discussions you bring to the table on the Epic Carnival Email Crew. You hold your own pretty well on that discussion group, which isn’t easy. Let’s get down to business shall we?

We always have to ask, but you can refuse...care to give up your age? Are you in school or do you work a fulltime gig?

Sarah: Queue the dating video! Hi my name is Sarah, I’m 28, work in NYC, love long walks on the beach, candlelit gourmet dinners and world peace.

Actually, long walks bore me, I’d rather have wings and beer, and we’re pretty much fucked on that whole world peace thing, huh?

Ghosts: Is it ever a little intimidating being a female sports blogger? By that we mean do you ever fear ridicule or even sexist remarks? Do you ever get asked on dates by your readers?

Sarah: Actually, I grew up watching sports with the guys, so I’m pretty comfortable in the role. And I’m usually the first one to dish out the ridicule and sexist remarks, so I’ve come to expect it back. I've been called a chauvinist pig before - it’s part of the fun of it all. You have to have thick skin for this stuff.

And yes, actually, I’ve had a few flattering emails from readers. EHarmony ain’t got nothing on sports blogs.

Ghosts: Do you try to establish a niche with your blog? Often times, you hear the key to success with a blog is doing something nobody else does. Besides being a girl on the sports scene, what would you say differentiates your style from the other sports blogs?

Sarah: You know, my blog is very young so I’m still trying to find my voice. I didn’t really have a specific reason for starting it except that I had opinions and wanted to write them down. It’s become a way for me to comment on the idiocy that goes on in sports. I’m amazed people read it, to be honest.

Ghosts: Would you say you’ve gained your fair share of loyal readers via word of mouth or amongst friends? Or are you dependent on link recognition from sites like Deadspin?

Sarah: Definitely word of mouth. When I started Strike Zones I had no intentions of it becoming anything. But Deadspin linked to my first post and the Ladies… were the first ones to put me on their blogroll so it took off right away. But I’m horrible at self promotion and I rarely send my stuff to be linked so if I depended on link love for traffic I’d be in bad shape.

Ghosts: Considering there is a fair share of haters and anonymous commenter's out there who like to stir the pot, well at least in our experience. How do you respond to criticism or attacks/bashing comments aimed at your blog?

Sarah: Blogging and blog commenting are very narcissistic practices. We all get off on seeing our name in print and knowing that people are paying attention. I will say that sometimes its fun to throw an inflammatory post or comment out there and sit back and watch. It's like watching monkeys at the zoo.

I've had people attack my writing before. It's what inspired the "How To Have A Blogger Fight" post on Epic.

Ghosts: Seeing how as a whole, the supposed “Blogosphere” is pretty supportive of one another, would you have any advice for other females out there looking to join the party?

Sarah: Females as a gender are very territorial, more so than guys. There's no room for that in the Blogosphere and the female bloggers I've come across have been super supportive. Any female bloggers that want to give it a shot should go for it. It's easy to start a blog. The hard part is keeping up with it.

Ghosts: What would your porn name be?

Sarah: If you mean the whole first pet's name/street you grew up on game, it would be Baby Meriden. If you mean my actual porn name, that would be Bob.

Ghosts: Say you are Andy in the movie “Goonies” and you got stuck having to play the organ with everyone's lives riding on it. The only difference is that you don't really care if everyone dies. What song would you play before crashing to your impending doom?

Sarah: Nothing's better than the organ version of Freebird.

Ghosts: So, we understand you are a Yankees fan, if you were forced to sleep with either Derek Jeter or A-Rod…who would it be? And why?

Sarah: Well, Derek Jeter apparently has herpes. And if he has it then A-Rod has it, so I choose neither. I will, however, take you up on a Johnny Damon/Andy Phillips tag team any day.

Ghosts: Your most hated player on the Red Sox?

Sarah: Manny Ramirez. Hands down. He needs a swift kick to his tiny balls.

Ghosts: Um, he's our favorite player in all of baseball, ever.

Moving on, rumor has it you are currently dating another sports blogger, who may or may not write for a pretty popular site. Care to shed some light on this?

Sarah: I call it dating. Will’s lawyer calls it “stalking”. It’s six of one, I say.

Actually I plead the fifth on all dating questions at the moment. And questions about my arrest in Vegas. That stays between me, my lawyer, and the tranny hooker.

Ghosts: Can we have your man's name?

Sarah: No.

Ghosts: What is his Goddamn name, already?

Sarah: Wait, why does it have to be a “he”?

Ghosts: So, you are in the “KSK” fantasy football league. How do you like your chances to win that league?

Sarah: Our draft is next week, so it’s tough to say at this point. I did get a chance to see how some of the members drafted in the Yahoo league though, so I have a pretty good idea of where the boys are headed with their picks. I'd say chances of me kicking all of their asses equally are pretty good.

Ghosts: Who would win in a street fight where there are no rules between Matt Ufford and Will Leitch?

Sarah: Oh, that’s not even a fair fight - Ufford is a Marine. I gotta go jarhead on that one. Unless Will brings Rob Iracane along. That guy can whoop some ass.

Ghosts: So you fancy Ufford, huh...let's move on.

Who would win in a fight between these Kiefer Sutherland characters, David from “Lost Boys” and Ace from “Stand by Me.” Keep in mind vampire powers would play a big role in such a match, but Ace was a master with the switchblade.

Sarah: Dude. You need to get out more. Seriously. Start slowly, a few minutes a day at first and before you know it, you'll be be able to spend hours a day outside at one time.

Ghosts: Really, we take offense to that. "Lost Boys" is unquestionably one of the top 5 films EVER. "Michael, Michael, Michael. Maggots Michael, you're eating maggots how do they taste?" Ok, we need to get out...

Moving on again, talk about your experience as the first sports columnist with the Huffington Post. Have you made any friends with any other HuffPo writers? Do they have assholes or were they, like the writers at the New Yorker, born without them?

Sarah: I actually am friends with one of the other writers. He has the season tickets next to mine at Yankee Stadium. And my column got put right under Bob Saget’s one week, so I guess we’re cool.

The Huffington Post has been a great way for me to talk about more serious sports issues without compromising the stupidity of my blog. And I’ve pissed off a few people along the way, which is always a plus. My opinions aren’t usually shared by the majority, but I think that’s why people read my column.

Ghosts: So it's become common knowledge at Epic that you're afraid of clowns. What's up with that?

Sarah: It's not a joke. I really am afraid of clowns. Those fuckers are freaky. The day you guys found out, I started getting pictures of clowns in the email threads. That was not a good day.

Ghosts: Finally, do you think Epic Carnival will grow into something big? How big?

Sarah: We’ve got, like, 107 bloggers writing for the site. You want it to get bigger? I'm getting 5,000 emails a day. I've had to hire a team of little people to sort through them.

Seriously though, there's some fantastic talent running through the pipes. I think it's got a lot of potential.

14 comment(s):

DCScrap said...

I think the picture alone brings us about 100 new readers.

Anonymous said...

100? You're being conservative Doug.

And geez... I feel evil about the pictures now.

theoriginaljd said...

This is fantastic. I don't have to tell anyone that I love Sarah simply because she always works a tranny hooker reference into everything she does. I'd like to think I played a small role in that - my affinity for tranny hookers is world renowned in the Carnival.

dswinder said...

Great interview...So..Who are you dating Sarah? ;)

Sooze said...

Sarah! You're going to give us away!

Great interview, though. I'm proud as a female sports blogger to write on EC with this talented young lady.

High five.

Unsilent Majority said...

Sarah: Our draft is next week, so it’s tough to say at this point. I did get a chance to see how some of the members drafted in the Yahoo league though, so I have a pretty good idea of where the boys are headed with their picks. I'd say chances of me kicking all of their asses equally are pretty good.

We're going to send you back to your home on Whore Island.

More Credible said...

If I tried the same picture, we would have negative views on the ole' stat clicker.

Anonymous said...

Asshole issues? Try sendahole.com.

Rob I said...

I hit like a girl.

Lozo said...

at no point did you ask if she wanted to make out with me. terrible interview.

One More Dying Quail said...

Lozo, was there really a need to ask that question? Doesn't EVERY female want to make out with you?

BD said...

Lozo, I'd assume you've already asked her that question. Right after you asked her to participate in that blowjob competition of yours.

SportsGirl365 said...

JD, you know you're my tranny hooker muse!

Lozo, you are way too much man for me. I couldn't handle it.

Lozo said...

hey, you said it. not me.

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