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The Blog Wiser Hot Seat: Unsilent Majority

by , Strike Zones and End Zones

We're all familiar with the work of our favorite bloggers, but we rarely get to see behind the curtain. I chatted recently with one of my favorites, the ever elusive Unsilent Majority of Kissing Suzy Kolber and weekend Deadspin. I'm biased for obvious reasons, but he's definitely an interesting guy to get to know. Here's what he had to say.

Sarah: So by now many of our blogging companions know that we are a couple, so let's just get this out of the way. Tell the blogosphere how amazing I am so we can move on with this interview.

Unsilent Majority: You could say I'm a fan. [editor's note: Seriously. His way with romantic words charms the pants off me.]

S: You and I go head to head in week 12 of the KSK Keeper League. Are you going to make me sleep on the couch when I kick your ass?

UM: If I lose to Cadillac Williams and Jared Lorenzen I'll sleep on the couch.

S: Kissing Suzy Kolber was born from the hallows of the Deadspin comments section. How do you think your own commenters contribute to the popularity of KSK?

UM: As our readership began to grow from its infancy we began to cultivate a dedicated group of commenters (some of them even seem to like us!). Since we refuse to sellout (we're lazy) and leave our humble blogspot abode our commenting privileges are open to the huddled masses of these here innernets. While we've been besieged by the occasional anti-social neophyte most of our commenters contribute to the site in a variety of ways.

S: You've come full circle from Deadpsin commenter to KSK blogger to Deadspin weekend editor with a few stops in between. Did you ever think you'd get this involved in the blogosphere?

UM: I never really stopped to think about it. I was never very big on the whole message board scene but I was immediately drawn to the surprisingly high level of discourse in the sports blogosphere (even if it's completely juvenile at times). I always knew I wanted to contribute something aside from serial commenting, so when Drew and Matt asked me to join in on the ground floor of an NFL humor blog I jumped at the chance.

S: So then is it true that you're now campaigning to overthrow Will in total Deadspin domination?

UM: I'd never do such a thing to Will, but Nick Denton will not stop calling me.

S: As bloggers we love the fact that the main stream media is struggling to keep up. What do you think the MSM does better than blogs?

UM: The MSM is as vast and diverse as the blogosphere. In both circles you're bound to find talented writers who hold themselves accountable for what they write. Their biggest advantages are their direct access to the news makers as well as their credibility as professionals. Of course for every great beat writer like Ivan Carter there's a hack like Jay Mariotti writing from the safety of his newsroom.

S: The word on the street is that you have a man-crush on Gilbert Arenas. If you could choose a night in bed with Jessica Alba or having drinks with Gilbert, which would you choose?

UM: Why the fuck can't I do both? Alba is a goddess but Gilbert might be my soul mate (have you heard about the Gil 20's? I had a simultaneous seizure/orgasm when I read that shit). [editor's note: I don't know about drinks with Gilbert, but if he gets a night with Alba I'm so in.]

S: There's been a bit of cattiness and trash talk lately among a few of our fellow bloggers. Do you think it's petty or an effective way to build site buzz?

UM: Just because I think The Big Lead shares his taste in women, television, and film with your average sixth grader doesn't mean I'm catty.

S: Of all of the blogs you've been seen on (KSK, Deadspin, FanHouse, No Mas among others) which is your favorite to write for?

UM: What I love most about the sports blogging scene is the variety. At KSK I can embrace my inner degenerate but I also love to express myself in other formats. I've been slacking on my contributions to No Mas and I've been regretting that. I'm a huge fan of the store, the blog, and the new tv project. I've only had the privilege of writing at Deadspin for a few weeks but it's been a great experience. My stint with FanHouse was awesome, but Jamie's a total suit (everybody knows Chris is the chill Mottram).

S: Is it true that you're currently looking for 12 more blogs to be affiliated with?

UM: I'm contemplating an offer from Hell-A Magazine.

S: What are some of the non-sports related blogs you'd recommend?

UM: It all depends what you're looking for. I've really been enjoying Lance's work at the newly minted Film Drunk. I usually stop by Nah Right and Hypebeast on a fairly regular basis. Major DC isn't your typical blog (words are overrated) but I check it out every day.

S: Tell the blogosphere something about yourself that would surprise most people.

UM: I'm only half Jewish

S: If the KSK guys were to be cast as characters in a movie, which actors would play you all?

UM: Myself: Mr. Bergstrom
MMP --Kearney Zzyzwicz
Ape -- Eleanor Abernathy
Matt -- Herman Botzowski
Drew -- Jebediah Springfield
Flubby -- The Honorable Roy Schneider (I've never met Flubby, but he has the pipes)
Falco -- Dr. Marvin Monroe

5 comment(s):

Jack Cobra said...

Unsilent Majority: You could say I'm a fan. [editor's note: Seriously. His way with romantic words charms the pants off me.]


Rob I said...

That two-timing bastard charmed the pants off me too, but only to steal my wallet.

Anonymous said...

Jesus christ, a blogging couple?

Unsilent Majority said...

That two-timing bastard charmed the pants off me too, but only to steal my wallet.

I told you I was a Doug Gottlieb fan.

DCScrap said...


Trust me...Jesus Christ has nothing to do with that.

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