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Mike Vick Should've Killed Someone

by theoriginaljd, Six Pack Sports Report

As video game enthusiasts all over this land of ours fire up their XBox 360's, and Playstation 3's to take their first shot at EA Sports Madden 08 one of the greatest video game athletes of all time has to hear about two of his co-defendants taking plea deals in a dog fighting case. Michael Vick has gone from transcendent quarterback who could rush for 1,000 yards while flipping off the hometown fans and giving Mexican hookers herpes, to public enemy #1 in the eyes of NFL fans and non fans alike. Vick has been linked to the abuse and murder of dogs which in the eyes of the general American public is the second worst crime you could commit behind rape of a child. Had Michael Vick been smart he would have just jumped behind the wheel of a car and run someone over - he probably wouldn't even have missed training camp.

The hypocrisy of the National Football League, it's players and the individuals who are paid to cover it knows no bounds. Mike Vick's teammate in Atlanta the very popular Warrick Dunn told reporters that he hoped Vick didn't return to the Falcons this season. I realize that what Dunn was trying to say was that he hoped the circus surrounding Vick stayed away from the Falcons because as a team led by Joey Harrington they have enough to deal with. The press has been all over Vick from the beginning to the point where if you didn't actually look for the facts of the case you'd think Vick was the main source of dog fighting in the United States.

My major problem though comes from a comment Jim Brown made when he claimed that Mike Vick would not play NFL football ever again - and there seems to be a pretty big group of people who agree with that sentiment. At this point in time I'd like to remind you all of Leonard Little. I realize that at this point it seems like old hat but can we at least remember that Susan Gutweiler lost her life because Little decided to get behind the wheel of his car after a birthday party.Forget about dogs - I like them as much as the next guy but Little killed a human being. He received 90 days in jail, 1000 hours of community services and four years of probation in 1998 because he killed someone. Did Little lose his spot in the NFL? Of course not - in fact I have seen people during Sunday pre game shows wearing #91 St. Louis Rams jerseys. I repeat: Leonard Little KILLED someones mother, someones wife, someones daughter and not only did he not fail to play another snap in the NFL - he has actually gained in popularity.

The insanity of the situation doesn't end there though - because Leonard Little was arrested again six years later for driving under the influence. The same man who six years prior had killed a human being was arrested again for drunk driving and was he then thrown out of the NFL? Actually he signed an extension with the St. Louis Rams. He was rewarded by the team he played for the same season he was arrested for the second time of drunk driving.

But Michael Vick will never play another snap in the NFL because of the abuse of animals. Unfortunately for Vick he had two huge factors playing against him - the first was that he's a superstar athlete and whatever he did/does is magnified compared to what a lowly defensive lineman like Little does. The second problem that Vick runs into is what we already dealt with, that frankly society treats the abuse of animals worse then the abuse of humans.

So let that be a lesson to all you aspiring professional athletes out there - if you've got a choice between hooking a pit bull up to a rape stand, or running over a middle aged woman. You're better career move would be taking a couple shots of tequila, drinking a whiskey sour and jumping behind the wheel of the car as you drive 90 miles per hour through a mall parking lot. Just make sure that nobody is walking their dog in that parking lot though because heaven forbid Lassie gets side swiped as your car bounces over the corpse of Lassie's former owner.

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The HCIC said...

Warrick Dunn clarified his statements about Vick. I did a post about it. Wanna read it? Here it go...


NoDogsAreNotPeopleToo said...

Little did not kill the woman on purpose. Vick made a conscious decision to violate the law. You are comparing apples and oranges.

I'm tired of people thinking Vick should get off just because they're dogs and not people. The bottom line is that MICHAEL VICK BROKE THE LAW and should be punished like any common citizen would be.

Hoosierboy said...

My only advice for Vick?

Don't drop the soap.

Guilty as charged....

theoriginaljd said...

That argument about the difference between Little and Vick is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Little did not intentionally kill someone because he was drunk - does that excuse everything someone does when drunk?

Little made a decision to drink and drive and thus he did intentionally kill someone.

If you get drunk and force yourself on a 12 year old girl - guess what? Still rape.

You have half a bottle of whiskey, pick up a shotgun and put a hole in your brothers face - guess what? Still murder.

You get drunk, jump behind the wheel and kill someone guess what you still MURDERED someone.

Dogs have rights to - you're right. But 1 year behind bars for a crime against animals while someone who KILLED A HUMAN BEING does 90 days - that's insanity.

Anonymous said...

You misunderstand "Intent". If you kill someone while driving drunk, it's not Murder unless you meant to kill that person. If you did not it's vehicular manslaughter, which is a very serious crime as well. There was no intent on Little's part to kill the woman. Her death was the result of his selfish careless actions. It is simple, without intent, you do not have murder. Little imo got off scott free and that is the true shame here. But to try and compare his situation to Vick's is pointless. One has nothing to do with the other.

Anonymous said...

I am not a football fan, nor had I even heard of Leonard Little or Michael Vick before keeping tabs on this dogfighting fiasco.

First of all, Little should have been imprisoned for a LONG time, not just slapped on the wrist. Vick should also be imprisoned and fined heavily for his actions.

Both crimes are horrific, be it the murder of a human or an animal. In Vick's case, it is a well-known fact that killing innocent animals, leads to violence against humans.

Anonymous said...

ok i love animals, as much as i love humans, i mean to me they are equivalent, but yes i must agree, 1 year for killing those animals i think is to little, BUT, 90 days for a killing a human and getting excused cause u were drunk FKNING INSANE, and on top of that little gets to continue in the nfl untouched while vick may not play again?? i admit i hate vick for what he did, i really do, but what kind of world do we live in?? i mean drinking alcohol and driving has become a reason, no it has become a lifesavour for mister little, and it has taken away some kids mother, someones wife and daughter, cousin, best friend, i mean what a joke this is, the law is a joke and the nfl is a joke, btw i love football and animals, and to me this is truly ridiculous!

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