Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: ScrapGasm 8-10-07

ScrapGasm 8-10-07

by DCScrap, Our Book of Scrap

Normally this would say, "LinkGasm is your one-stop-shop for all the stuff that isn't being spit out by the Carnies here at Epic Carnival. Expect sarcasm, girls, and some sports thrown in as well. If you'd like to be considered for inclusion in future editions, please email your stories
here." But Hank is out again on another mission. This time he is off trying to see where John Kruk buys his hair gel, so I am filling in.

- It must be really good to be Justin Timberlake. Not only is he dating the super-hot Jessica Biel, she is even taking up golf to try to impress him. Now that's my kind of woman.

- Hank Aaron is saying that if he happens to run into Barroid somewhere down the line, he'll probably say something to him. Maybe Hank should just give him a call. I wonder how that conversation would go? Something like this?

- Something is amiss with the Detroit Tigers as of late. They went from a a 91% chance of making the playoffs to just 46%. What happened? If only Joel Zumaya had just given up Guitar Hero.

- If I said that there was a mega-music star that really liked to ball who would you guess? Okay, now if I said he was really short, who would you guess? What if I said he was also really, really strange? Click for the answer. It will entertain you, this much I promise. (NBAOU)

- As everyone knows by now, Barry Bonds slammed his 756th major league home run Tuesday night, breaking the all-time record. Bonds has passed Hank, but how does he compare to other Barrys? (Jack's Sports Humor)

- Pro players are bigger, stronger, and faster. They know the game better, and they play the game better, so why is the college game so much more fun? (Suck at Sports)

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