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Top 11 Signs That Yankee Fan Is Losing It

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

After yesterday's loss to the formerly reeling Tigers, the best team that money could buy is 2 games out of the wildcard, 7.5 games out of the division and a lot less confident then they were a week ago (when those numbers were 0.5 and 4, respectively. And if you think we're Sox fans, please check the historical record. Remember, the fact that Yankee or Red Sox Fan is sad at the end of the year is proof of God's Love.

So what are the Top 10 Signs that Yankee Fan is Starting to feel the wind leave their sails?

11. Starting to wonder, privately, if the Clemens contract was really worth it

10. Can't stop talking about The Schedule

9. Had to be coaxed off a ledge after Jeter and Posada sat out Sunday's loss with injury

8. Caring *way* too much about the Seattle Mariners

7. Convinced that Johnny Damon is still secretly on the Boston payroll

6. Wants Joba Chamberlain to pitch every game... and maybe every inning

5. Still sitting shiva for Rizzuto

4. While admitting Bobby Abreu can hit, still contend he's no Paulie O'Neill

3. After his last two starts, has no positive memories of Mike Mussina

2. Still having nightmare flashbacks involving Kei Igawa and Carl Pavano

1. Secretly ready to blame everything on A-Rod

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