Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: Top 12 Questions Raised by Yahoo Sports' Tim Couch Steroid Story

Top 12 Questions Raised by Yahoo Sports' Tim Couch Steroid Story

by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

See the whole five-part series here. It's only just short of 9,000 words and 21 pages. Honest.

12) Do they pay by the word over there?

11) Tim's *furniture* is taking steroids? Dude, are you high?

10) How will this affect his ranking in my upcoming ArenaBall fantasy league?

9) Does this mean that Yahoo is no longer stalking Reggie Bush?

8) Are Ryan Leaf and Eric Crouch getting ideas, or feeling intimidated?

7) In the wake of this shameful story, will Cleveland's homeless population no longer wear Couch's jersey?

6) Is fellow Kentucky "Mr Football" award winner Jared Lorenzon also on the juice, or did he just eat someone else who is?

5) Does this officially make Akili Smith a lesser bust in the famed QB Class of 1999?

4) How hard is Kelly Holcomb laughing now?

3) Given Couch's past history of suing teams that release him (see Green Bay, 2004), who do the Jags and Yahoo have on retainer?

2) Given HGH's effect on people like Barry Bonds (allegedly), was Couch found out when his helmet didn't fit?

1) Why is this a front page story and murder of thousands of electrons on Yahoo, and a one-line mention everywhere else? Dammit, doesn't the rest of the world know how important Tim Couch is?

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More Credible said...

Actually, we could use Tim Couch as an example in our school system as to why kids shouldn't use steroids.

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