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by Brian P. Foley, The College Baseball Blog

I don't know about the rest of you but I am tired of turning on the television and seeing another athlete getting in trouble with performance enhancing drugs. In the last month, We have had Rodney Harrison suspended from the NFL for four games and Floyd Landis likely getting stripped of the Tour de France title in the very near future.

It is a not a new concept to use performance enhancing drugs. The East German Olympic teams became a power during the 1970's and 1980's after telling athletes to take vitamins which were filled with steroids. The athletes have either died from taking the steroids or facing major health concerns.

Did you know that 19 American medalists have failed drug tests before heading to the Olympic from 1988-2000? This is a huge cover-up by USOC that fails to get reported on because it deals with American athletes. We always love to blame Ben Johnson for taking Stanozolol in the 1988 Olympics but we fail to mention that Carl Lewis has a positive doping test at the 1988 Olympic trials. It was caused by taking OTC cold medicines based on what Lewis has said but he should have been banned for the Olympics for taking the stimulant. We could go on all day with different steroids scandals but we will spare you the details.

The people to blame for these massive steroids scandals are the commissioners or leaders of the International governing bodies. The PGA has put in new performance enhancing rules for the 2008 season which is suppose to cover all types of drugs. I read this week that some stuff will be allowed under certain circumstances. How can the PGA allow a player to use Propecia? The active ingredient in Propecia is Finasteride which is a masking agent for steroids. If this drug shows up in a drug test players should be immediately banned because of this fact. Is it fair to the player? Absolutely as they should know the rules. This is the rule that the World Anti-Doping Association recommends for all sports. One other example of a drug that can be used for golf is Beta-Blockers. This drug slows down your heart rate which would help golfers in a high stress environment like hitting a putt on the 18th hole to win a major. What is stopping an NFL player from taking HGH? The NFL only caught Rodney Harrison and Wade Wilson because of a government investigation into the lab where they bought the stuff from.

We are just giving you some examples of ways to get around the rules and how they are not strong enough. We have posted links below to some interesting stuff about Performance Enhancers.

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Sooze said...

How can the PGA allow a player to use Propecia? The active ingredient in Propecia is Finasteride which is a masking agent for steroids.

Those poor, balding golfers. Looks like it's time to invest in some toupées.

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