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by Kirk, PartMule

My TV time has become increasingly more stressful the past few weeks. As I seep into my three-year-old couch cushions that don't look a day over 10, I'm vexed by the fall's programming schedule that has unlimited new viewing opportunities.

With the start of the networks' fall TV season -- damn the dance, sing, skate shows to hell -- I realize that the regular comedy and drama drab that spins you into DVR A.D.D. are accompanied by a full-cast of sports this time of year.

The SPORTS SWEET SPOT is upon us, the place where all the major American sports are either in the playoffs, mid-season, or beginning. I've summarized my sports schedule in order to maximize my TV, drinking, gambling and depression time.

Hope you find this useful...

Click the image for the FULL-SIZE VIEW. Then laminate, glue some magnets on it and put it on your fridge. No room? Just pitch those kid's drawings. They'll do more.

2 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

I love the sports sweet spot..nice job of mapping this out

PartMule said...

In mapping this out, I've probably exposed my weakness for alcohol, gambling, and gambling. Oops...sorry about that...I meant gambling. And beer.

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