Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: THE NICKELODEON: BRETT FAVRE'S FIRST PASSES


by Richie Rich, Home Run Derby

Much hype (deserved) has been made about Brett Favre's record setting touchdown pass yesterday ... you know the one which he threw that broke Dan Marino's old career record?

422 Career Touchdowns. It's just staggering.

Let's go back in time and watch a couple of Favre's first passes in the NFL.

The first pass he ever threw in the NFL was when he was with the Atlanta Falcons ... and he threw it for a touchdown.

For the Redskins. Videos after the jump.

Let's fast-forward a year to Favre's first pass with the Green Bay Packers ... this time it's a bit more successful, as he completes the pass ... to himself.

This lifelong Chicago Bears fan would like to offer his heartfelt congratulations to Brett Favre.

Retire already, will ya?

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