Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: TONY GONZALEZ WILL BLOCK WHEN YOU CALL PLAYS HE LIKES


by Kyle Smith, Doberman On The Diamond

Tony Gonzalez will have you know this - if you don't call a play he likes, he's not particularly interested in running it. In Mike Silver's story at Yahoo! Sports, he outlined a potential controversy within the Kansas City Chiefs, and possibly unearthed a brand new one along the way.

Chiefs running back Priest Holmes recently came back from the dead to suit up, much to the chagrin of starter Larry Johnson, who isn't exactly known for his positive, mature attitude.

This development could possibly rankle Johnson, and Silver quoted one unnamed Chiefs veteran as saying that the situation could get ugly if a running back controversy erupts.

Silver then talked to Tony Gonzalez, who said some odd things. For instance, he thought if the team had been able to score 24 points a game all season, "we'd be undefeated, and people would be talking about us along with the Patriots and the Colts."

That seems to be going a little far, but okay, I get the point. However, when he was asked why else they weren't undefeated, Gonzalez expressed his dissatisfaction at offensive coordinator Mike Solari's play-calling. He then unleashed this gem: "But the bottom line is, if a play is called we've got to execute it, myself included. On one play today, I didn't like the call and I didn't block my guy, and we didn't get the first down. That's on me."

Yes, Tony. That is on you. Way to give 100% effort.

I'm sure whoever got crushed by the defender Gonzalez failed to block will appreciate the fact he got thrown to the ground because Gonzalez was acting like a 4 year old.

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Adam Best said...

As a Chiefs fan, I can't blame Tony G for being dissatisfied by Mike Solari's playcalling. I've never seen an offensive coordinator call so many plays that develop in front of the first down maker on third and long before. Ever. Not even close. And Tony is right about the Chiefs. Jared Allen and that defense are downright scary.

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