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by DCScrap, Our Book of Scrap

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Right now is a rare time in sports. Two of the best players ever to play their respective sports are both on the block. Kobe Bryant is trying to orchestrate a trade out of L.A. and Alex Rodriguez is looking to make bank with a team other than the Yankees. So, this week the EC writers debate "If you had your choice of A-Rod going to your favorite baseball team or Kobe going to your favorite basketball team which one would you choose and why?"

Sooze: Do the Twins need A-Rod more than the Timberwolves need Kobe? I'll say yes. I'd much rather have Rodriguez at third instead of Nick Punto, or at short in place of Jason Bartlett. Besides, the Timberwolves have a nice young roster that I'm excited to see this year. Screw you, Kobe.

BD: This is far too easy for me. As a Tigers fan I'm far more concerned with the back-end of the rotation and bullpen than the offense. As it's already good and I'll take Inge's defense and 20-25 HR over A-Rod without a problem given the rest of the lineup.

Thus it's an easy Kobe call for me as we're not forced to take into account who was traded for him. Thus I'll gladly welcome Kobe to the Rockets. He and T-Mac alongside Yao would make people puke at the thought of it. Can you say dynasty? I certainly can. If you're wondering why I'm not a Pistons fan it's a long story, but it's a good reason I assure you.

Don: I'd take Kobe thanks. At the end of the day, the guy really cares about winning, and has a track record of doing so (assuming there are other 'pieces' around him). A-Rod, well, he & Scott Boras are just gonna get all 'Rod Tidwell' on where-ever they end up.

The Prophet: No-brainer for me as well.....I grew up in the SLC so my only *real* favorite team is the local NBA side you may have heard of, the Utah Jazz.....

Kobe + Jerry Sloan? One of the two would kill the other and my money is on Sloan-who was once known as the dirtiest and/or toughest player in the NBA despite his white-ness and other physical limitations related to said white-ness-gets my vote for the guy who'd walk away from the fracas.

Obviously Sloan is enough of a basketball coach to integrate Kobe into the Jazz offense in theory, but he'd have to at least share the touches and spotlight with the inside play of C-Booz and Deron Williams. Mehmet Okur--though streakier than John Starks back in the day--is a scoring machine when he's "on". Kobe has phases where he seems to buy into the team concept of basketball but he'll then turn around and score 70 while forgetting how to pass. Were he to pull that shit on the Jazz he'd have to score at least half those points with Sloan's Rockport oxfords up his ass.

Bottom line if Andrei Kirilenko can't get along with Sloan and accept the "offense by socialism" makeup of the Jazz-and he's a *Russian*-how the hell do you think Kobe will do?

Sooze: Oh wait.. we were being realistic? A-Rod wants more than the entire Twins payroll... maybe that wouldn't be prudent.

ghosts: Quite honestly, I don't like either of them in Detroit. I really like A-Rod as a player, but his contract is simply too daunting. Kobe I just don't like. The Piston's are a team built around chemistry. There is really no place for a guy who goes out looking for 45 a night. I'd actually rather see Marion playing in Detroit if I had it my way.

Davey: Hmmmm...A-Rod to the Braves or Kobe to the Magic...

Well, I'm fine with the Braves offense right now, even after losing Renteria and probably Andruw Jones. They need pitching, especially at the back end of the rotation so I'll take Chipper, Escobar, Kelly Johnson and Mark Teixeira in the infield and improved pitching over A-Rod.

Besides, Kobe to go along with Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis and Jameer Nelson means domination in the East. It would be better than the Grant Hill/ T-Mac era and it would be probably better than the Shaq and Penny era because there is no Jordan now to screw us out of a title.

So yes, bring Kobe down to Orlando please...

Kirk: Kobe. He's won championships and has nads when it counts. A-Rod neither has heart nor the courage to get it done in the clutch. Plus, A-Rod likes to bang tranny's named Bert-tricia and I'm a little anti that kind of stuff. Just a personal thing...

WCT: First of all, Kobe is a winner. Everyone forgets that Kobe has three rings, and A-Rod has never even played in a world series. And don't give me that "Kobe won because he played with Shaq" garbage. A-Rod played with Jeter, and Johnny Damon, and Roger Clemens, all of whom won rings before A-Rod came along.

Speaking specifically about my favorite teams in each respective sport - The thought of Kobe and LeBron playing together makes me salivate. And the the Indians have won as many playoff series with Casey Blake at 3rd as the Yankees did with Rodriguez at third. Give me the Mamba!

The Original JD: This question is an absolute no-brainer to me. Professional baseball cannot be impacted by one great player. A-Rod could hit 55 home runs for anyone next season but if he isn't surrounded by other quality players he will languish in obscurity.

On the other hand a successful NBA basketball team could be thrown together with Kobe and nobody. Plus if we're taking this to the extreme and saying just throw him on my favorite team would Paul Pierce, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Me win an NBA championship? Yeah probably.

Brian P. Foley: I would choose A-Rod. Kobe has made a spectacle out of this demanding a trade thing. I just rather have A-Rod as I think Kobe is more of a cancer in the clubhouse.

DMtShooter: Philly Fan hates Kobe, and he wouldn't bring them a ring. Nothing, short of Billy King's death, could come close to doing that. Besides, I kind of like watching Andre Iguodala blossom, and if Kobe were back, it'd be Iverson all over again, in terms of Iggy playing nice and not playing well.

A's fan has no real opinion about A-Rod, because he's been irrelevant; his Mariner teams didn't impact them too much, his Ranger teams were comedic, and his Yankee teams didn't do anything to wound the cause. Besides, if you put him back at SS you end the enduring tragedy that is Bobby Crosby, and you can have him and Eric Chavez compete to see who can be the bigger lack of leadership despite the big contract.

Assuming it's not a ruinous financial deal, A-Rod to Oaktown, please. Besides, they've got plenty of, um, athletic women to satisfy him...

dswinder: Well, seeing as I haven't a favorite NBA team (Which you should totally try, by the way. It's amazing to be able to watch a sport while being 100% objective.), and I detest Alex Rodriguez with ALMOST every fiber of my being -- I'm not really sure. I would just suck it up and say A-Rod to the Sawks, but that would put Mike Lowell out of a job (I'm assuming/hoping he's re-signed.) Why did I attempt at addressing this again?

Andrew: Kobe. The fact of the matter is if you give Kobe more than one passable complementary piece, the team will go deep into the playoffs. As I am a Bucks fan, Kobe would be swimming in solid complements. Sure, Kobe would be a prima donna prone to release a drama bomb or two before, during, and after the season, but on the court he brings his best every time. Add him to Mo Williams, Michael Redd, Chuck Villanuever, and Andrew Bogut? You would have a team that would be Days of our Lives meets the Eastern Conference champions.

That's not to say Alex Rodriguez wouldn't be a bad addition, if the Brewers stood pat, moving Braun to left, and moved one of their power armed starters back as a closer, the Brewers could manage to swing A-Rod. However, the problem with A-Rod is, he is just impossible to root for. And a man making 35 million dollars a year on a small market team would mean that he would have to go .330-60-160 to have it not be a disappointment to the working class heroes of Milwaukee.

All in all, while neither one of them would deign to lower themselves to play in Milwaukee, if I had my way? Kobe every day.

DCScrap: I'd take A-Rod, because my White Sox suck, it's not my money to spend, and my favorite basketball team is the Lakers and having him hasn't done a whole lot for us thus far since Shaq left.

So who would you rather have, Kobe or A-Rod? Tell us in the comments.

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Chimpanzee Rage said...

A-Rod...the Nationals could move him back to SS and we'd finally get some pop in the lineup. No need for Kobe, we already have Gilbert throwing up shots here in DC. Plus, Gilbert is funnier.

Chimpanzee Rage said...
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