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by Jack Cobra, Cobra Brigade

After years of rumors, Brad Lidge was finally traded from the Houston Astros yesterday in a five player deal that is going to take him to Philadelphia. Lidge who was one of baseball's most dominant relievers from 2003-2005 will probably best be remembered for giving up Albert Pujols monstrous home run in the 2005 NLCS. After that happened Lidge was a shell of his former self until this past season when he put up respectable numbers but still had bouts of inconsistency.

Going to Philly with Lidge will be utility player Eric Bruntlett and the Astros will be receiving outfielder Michael Bourne, reliever Geoff Geary and a minor league third baseman in return. Houston hired a new general manager in the off-season in Ed Wade and he was able to strike the deal with his former club.

Bourne will allow the Astros to move phenom Hunter Pence out of center field and into the second hole in the batting order while picking up Geary to eat innings in relief.

With the move to Philadelphia, Lidge supplants Brett Myers as the Phillies closer. Myers will return to the starting rotation next season after pitching out of the bullpen during the 2007 season.

Lidge had mental issues in Houston after giving up that homer to Pujols and a couple of home runs in the World Series, as well. His 'stuff' has always been electric but whether or not he had the mental toughness to grind his way through tough outings and rough stretches has been the question. I'm not sure Philly is the best place for him with their rabid fans and the henchmen known as sports writers. One blown save in Philly can lead to weeks of consternation and stress and no one is really sure if Lidge can hold up his end of the deal.

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