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by Kristine, This Suit Is Not Black

Sometimes I hate being in New York. And you know why? For the same damn reason everyone else in the country hates being in Boston. The sports fans. Because now, with the final game of the season approaching, I have the privilege of hearing Giants fans clucking behind cubicle walls about how their team is going to take down the Patriots in Week 16. With five weeks to go, I'm already sick of hearing it.

And here’s why.

The best (only?) chance the Giants have to beat the Pats is if New England plans to rest their starters for the playoffs. Unfortunately, though, the only way New England’s second string is going to see that field is if the team's already lost a game. And yes, I'm aware that they came close to a loss last night. Bear with me.

If New England’s walking into Giants Stadium 15-0 December 29th, you better damn well believe that they’re going for the perfect season, which damn well means you will see Brady and the rest of New England’s top arsenal on that field. And it certainly won’t be just because Belichick wants to run up the score, either.

Do me a favor and name me one coach that you think would walk undefeated into the final game of the regular season - a season in which the Super Bowl is all but a foregone conclusion, mind you - and would take even the slightest risk of losing that game. Give me one coach’s name and I’ll tell you that he shouldn’t be heading up an NFL team. Hell, name me one player on the starting line who would want to sit out that game and I’ll say the same thing.

That being clarified, with New England’s starting lineup in the game, the odds are heavily against the Giants coming away with the win.

“But New England could still lose a game. Look what the Eagles just did,” you’re saying to yourself right now.

Last night’s near-non-win was probably the worst thing that could have happened to the Giants, because there’s no way anyone in the New England organization walked away from that saying, “Eh, one bad game, no biggie.” The Patriots will be doing everything they can so as not to put themselves in that situation again. I’d focus on your next four games and let the chips fall where they may come Week 16. You might get lucky, but I doubt it.

And, hey, if it makes you feel any better, you have a better chance than the Jets do of coming away with a win when they head to Foxboro in three weeks.

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The Sports Hernia said...

I can't wait to Eli's facial expressions that day.

He is soooo Spalding Smails.

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