Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: THE NFL HATES THE PATRIOTS


by Brian P. Foley, The College Baseball Blog

The National Football League hates the New England Patriots. This started last season when the Patriots were forced to install Field Turf as many teams were complaining about the poor field conditions. This bias against the Patriots continued during the 2007 season when the Patriots were docked their 2008 first round pick after getting caught videotaping the opponents coaches from the sidelines. The Patriots can still tape the coaches from the press box or from the cameras available at the stadiums. Sunday night the Patriots took on the Eagles but as I am watching the game I recognize that I can clearly hear every single call that Tom Brady is making at the line of scrimmage.

If the NFL wanted the Patriots to change the playing surface at Gillette Stadium then the Pittsburgh Steelers should be forced to do the same. I would have to say that the Steelers field was in worse condition than the old Gillette Stadium turf was ever in. The Steelers allowed three Pennsylvania high school championships to be played on the field on Friday, the Pitt Panthers on Saturday and on Monday night they had the regular Steelers game. There is no one in the right mind that would allow five football games to be played on the same field in three consecutive days. It is idiotic. If the NFL wants to be fair they should demand that the Steelers change the playing surface.

The Patriots were wrong in taping the defensive coaches of the New York Jets, but do we know if any other teams were doing this? I find it very odd that the Patriots were getting a ton of feedback in their headsets in Indianapolis but nothing is brought up against the Colts for playing with the radio communications of the Patriots. This actually gives the Colts a competitive advantage as the Patriots could not communicate with the coaching staffs in the box. The Colts have also been accused of pumping noise into the RCA Dome during games so that the opponent can't even concentrate.

Why was NBC getting such great audio of Tom Brady at the line on Sunday night? Was it because NBC wanted to make sure that every team in the league could hear Brady's audible signals? This gave the Eagles an advantage as coaches or team members could sit in the box and listen to the calls Brady was making at the line. I did not recognize this same amount of audio pickup when the Eagles had the ball which was suspicious. I will have to pay attention this upcoming Sunday to make sure the teams playing have the audio up during the broadcast to see if this is a one time appearance or been going on all year.

These are just some thoughts on the Patriots and how the NFL is out to get them this year as it is not good for the league to have an undefeated team as they want competitive balance.

2 comment(s):

DCScrap said...

In the immortal words of one Rod Tidwell, "Well, boo-fucking-hoo."

More Credible said...

Actually, I'm sure the NFL LOVES the Patriots. They bring a luster and excellence to the league... and money.

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