Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: PNC BANK BUYS THE RIGHTS TO THE NATS' NEW ... SEATS?


by DCScrap, Editor

Not happy with merely owning the naming rights to one of the most beautiful stadiums owned by one of the worst baseball teams in baseball, PNC Bank has set it's sights even higher by purchasing the rights to the new Nationals stadium... uh... seats. Wow, this is a bank that knows how to raise the bar. I need to open an IRA there pronto.

The deal, whose financial value team marketer Tod Rosensweig would not disclose, gives the Pittsburgh-based bank naming rights for about 1,300 Diamond Seats behind home plate and the indoor/outdoor club on the first suite level above those seats. The bank also has all the ballpark's ATMs.

I bet those ATM's charge a fee* if you don't bank with PNC too, which in turn pisses every single person off that is forced to pay an extra $2 or whatever so they have some walking around money to pay for their overpriced beer and hot dogs. Ballparks are like airports in that way. No connection to the reality in the rest of the world as far as pricing, but I digress.

These particular seats are already the highest priced seats in the stadium so it makes sense that the people plunking down $150 a game (with a minimum three-year committment) should have to have a corporate logo staring them in the face all season. Oh well, at least they have access to a gourmet buffet inside a separate restaurant. That'll make up for it.

The marketing folk at PNC must be super-geniuses. First they sponsor the Pirates, now the Nats, what's next on the horizon, the Dolphins? Sorry. That was just low.

*correct me if I am wrong.

Baltimore Business Journal

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