Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: STUPID SPORTS SH!T: ENOUGH ALREADY


by Chris Richardson, Intentional Foul

Greetings and salutations folks, my name is Chris Richardson and I’m pleased to be coming to you from the excelsior Epic Carnival blog. As a newly-minted Carny, my contribution will be this weekly offering, a look at some of the stupid shit that goes on in the sporting world – and yes, because of the sports world we live in, these posts could very easily balloon into Odyssey-like excursions if I’m not vigilant.

However, I promise I’ll try err on the side of succinctness. But before we embark, here’s a little info about your guide: I am the lead writer at IntentionalFoul.com; I am a slobbering University of Kentucky fan; I am also a Bengals fan giving you plenty of ammo to use against me if we happen to disagree. ;)

Anyway, as I said, this little weekly ditty will point out some of the dumber occurrences going on in the sports universe.This includes things like pro sports, amateur sports, non-sports sports, Stuart Scott’s eye, and the cheerleader incident referenced by fellow Carny Kristine. That right there is a perfect example of stupid shit.

For today’s post (and since I ran a little long on my intro), I’ll leave with a couple of things that have stood out to me the past little while. First off, and this is a biggie to me:

Make it Stop.
No. More. God. Damn. Soulja. Boy. Please. Congrats, your little shake-your-ass club song is now the Macarena of the 2000 era. I recently attended a junior college basketball game and the final song the four-man school dance team performed was of course that bastard song and every white child (I’m talking preteen here) in the crowd started doing it... with some of their parents. It was a thing of beauty. Or not.

It seems like every team has a player or a group of cheerleaders on YouTube Supermanning some ho (I wonder if the the parents at the basketball game understood what that means). Well, enough is enough. Much like the Macarena, it’s time for this song to die. In a fire. With a gasoline filled tire around its torso.

When you get Baton Rogue wanna-be strippers doing it at an LSU tailgate party – incorrectly – it’s time for a new fad (I wonder if she got Supermanned after). And athletes, go back to the moonwalk or the cabbage patch. It’s time for to stop doing that f**king dance and move on to something else...

BTW, there are over 38000 videos on YouTube that adhere to the "Soulja Boy" tag and another 29000 for "Crank Dat".


Another thing: Mack Brown agrees with me.

Tim Floyd is a No Limit Soldier
In other news, apparently, Tim Floyd doesn’t really care who plays at Southern Cal, just as long as they draw attention away from the superior UCLA squad.

First he turns over his basketball team to OJ Mayo for a season and only to have him followed up by Percy Miller, better known as Lil’ Romeo (you the plug, I'm the socket)... and son of Master P.

The fact that he let a player who acts like this:

...on his campus, after said player essentially recruited himself speaks volumes about how desperate he is to step out of Ben Howland’s omnipresent shadow.

Tim, a word of advice: instead of turning your team over to players who break their teammates’ jaws and taking one-star point guard who’s better known for their father’s record label, perhaps you should, you know, beat UCLA... and get to a Final Four.

Of course, some are going to say OJ Mayo is a move in the right direction, but does renting a player who takes a lot of bad shots (11-27 his first game) and has the reputation of being a poor teammate really worth the talent he brings? If he doesn’t make your team better, who gives a damn how talented he is?

And what, exactly, do you expect from a one-star point guard? Doesn’t California have a ridiculously packed talent bed? If he was Percy No-name’s son instead of Percy Miller’s, would you have signed him?

Stupid shit indeed.

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