Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: THREE THINGS THAT MAKE ME ANGRY


by T, The Angry T

1. Seattle Supersonics Fans – The entire city is complaining that the team should not be moved to Oklahoma City. Cries of “This is our team,” and “I can’t believe the owner is holding this team ransom for a new stadium,” can be heard throughout the city. So what do they do in their second home game of the season to show everyone that the city deserves a team? They fill the arena to around 60 percent capacity. In an overwhelming show of support for basketball, 10,761 fans showed up for the showdown between the Sonics and the Grizzlies. I don’t agree with the fact that an owner should be able to move a team if he can’t the city to pay for his stadium, but for god sakes you have to at least show up if you want to make a valid argument to have the team stay. Don’t worry Sonics fans, all 10,000 of you, the NBA League Pass is a wonderful piece of programming which will allow you to see all 82 games Oklahoma Sonics games in 2010.

2. Dancing with the Stars – This god awful exhibition of has-beens, never was’s, and maybe-will-bes has garnered the some of the best viewership on television. It is one of three shows on television that average 20 million viewers a week. The fact of the matter is that people will watch absolutely anything with a celebrity, or quasi-celebrity in this case, in it. Why? What is the obsession? Do you really care that Mario Lopez can dance? Are you happy that the former Saved by the Bell Superstar is dancing, and not in a gutter somewhere high out of his mind on heroin clutching a Season Three DVD of Pacific Blue? The only thing that I’m concerned about is the next logical step with these celebrity shows. What’s next Hula-Hooping with the Stars? Circle-Jerking with the Stars? Finger-Banging with the Stars? If the do the last one, I really hope they bring back Marie Osmond.

3. Parking Attendants – Chris Henry was reinstated for around 10 minutes before he had a little dust-up with a parking attendant. Of course Chris is innocent until proven guilty in this case, and I would hate to indict him without knowing the facts BUT I am going to go ahead and indict him based on the fact that he is a criminal. At the same time, Parking Attendants are getting a little too big for their britches. Maybe you remember Rafer Alston getting into it with a parking attendant after his car was towed. Sure Rafer also allegedly stabbed a man during this busy off-season, but that has no bearing on who was right and wrong in this towing incident, I am sure he is a cool calm and collected individual in a conflict situation.

So take it down a notch parking attendant and stop harassing these up-standing individuals who are just trying to use your lot to park their car. Don’t let the power of raising and lowering that gate go to your head, or the next time you reach out your hand to take Rafer Alston’s money, your hand might come back with three less fingers. Allegedly.

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