Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: THE BLOG WISER HOT SEAT: JENN STERGER


by Rupert and Stan, Ghosts of Wayne Fontes

Well folks, it's pretty much your lucky day. We got a supastar this week and by far our cutest interviewee yet, none other than the lovable Jenn Sterger. Since her days as the Florida State cowgirl, Jenn has progressed as a true sports fanatic, leaving her footprint all over the media, including SI, Maxim, Playboy, Sprint Video, E!'s Hottest Women of the Internet, and even the one and only More Credible. Despite the fact that she keeps asking us out, we are thrilled to get to chat with Jenn. Thanks for taking the time to hang out at our bizarre little monkey bin, Jenn. We're all big fans.

Ghosts: Alright, let's get started. We know college football is your thing. Upon seeing this year's BCS, what are you doing to keep sane? Is it safe to say that statisticians should start looking for work? Is this the apocalypse?

Jenn: I absolutely LOVE the BCS. Where else can you see millions of dollars being wasted in one place?... (Well, besides the US government of course.) I don't think Wile E. Coyote could have come up with a more flawed way of picking the best team in the nation. Seriously, if this year hasn't been argument enough that a playoff system is necessary, I dunno what is. Every major powerhouse and usual suspect has been upset by an unranked or trapdoor opponent. It just goes to show you that even Goliath has his weaknesses. Games that should have been sure things were complete clusterfucks. And don't even get me started on the "Curse of Thursday night football." The Thursday night curse may have surpassed the "Please don't put my mascots head on Mr. Corso curse" in predicting the next to tumble from the Two Spot. A word of advice to my Top Ten teams, especially those occupying the #2 spot:

"If you are asked to play an unranked or lower ranked adversary on THEIR home turf... on a Thursday night ESPN game... RUN."

Every single Top Ten ranked opponent, barring a fluke BC win over Virginia Tech has fallen to the bottom of the BCS pit at the hands of some trap door team. So... the next time your schedule hands you a seemingly too good to be true easy midweek game, think twice before you sign off on that dotted line. Because while an early game may give you a shorter practice week, and a chance to enjoy your Saturday... it can also give you a reason to spend the weekend kicking yourself in the butt for not preparing a little more. Right, South Florida???..

Ghosts: I know you're pretty die hard about the Seminoles. Is it time for Bobby Bowden to step down or does he go out whenever he damn well pleases?

Jenn: Bobby Bowden is an absolute legend of Seminole football, but even legends should know when the jig is up. It's frustrating to watch him stand on the sidelines and seemingly have little input in the game. Hell, he has some twenty something year old pretty boy intern that wears his headphones for him. Even Fathead can't figure out a way to market a Bobby Bowden cut out. He's either blowing his nose or staring in disbelief wishing he was watching the Matlock Marathon on Lifetime.

I think FSU made a smart decision in naming Jimbo Fisher as the successor to the Bowden throne. The question is... when will this changing of the crown take place?... Certainly not soon enough. You can only lose to the Gators so many times before people are bound to start calling for change. And I think even the most loyal of Seminole fans can't disagree with that.

That's the great thing about being a legend. People want to remember you in your prime… in your hay-day. No one wants to see your great fall. So why not go out with your pride, and not when they are pulling you down because you have "lost it"? Hopefully after his one year extension is up at the end of next season, people will start calling for a change. Because as a Seminole fan, change can't come fast enough.

Ghosts: Describe your typical Friday night while you were in college.

Jenn: My typical Friday night consisted of a busy night at the bar. I wasn't the one partaking in the Friday night festivities however. I was the one responsible for most of them. I guess you can say, I helped students at Florida state get their doctorate in U.N.K. Sure, it may not have been the best way to spend a Friday night, but it was certainly a lucrative one. Because if there are two things college kids spend their money on, it’s food... and alcohol.

Ghosts: So, I tried to do my homework and read up on your personal interests. Unfortunately, you were too lazy to update that section of the website. What are you hiding?

Jenn: My personal interests?.. Yeah, I always conveniently forget to update those... maybe so they stay... I dunno. A little more personal??...

Or maybe because if I listed what I really like doing people would realize that my life wasn't really all that fabulous.. and it was more like that Brad Paisely song??? (So much cooler online!!!)

If I am not traveling for work or cracking brain cells for a deadline, I am usually lounging around in my pajamas. It's what I pride myself in doing best. I like to hang out with my friends and play drunken guitar hero, or maybe go to a comedy club. I love laughing at other people's misfortunes because I have found my own life to be a sort of sick joke. My friends call me "Murphy" as in "Murphy's Law" because I am the most uncoordinated, ill-fated person they know. If something humiliating or bad is going to happen... its going to happen to me. But I guess that is the trade off when you've had good luck everywhere else for the past few years.

Watching sports is a given, though I would rather watch any event live than on television... especially baseball. College sports will always be my passion over pro ones... but I guess it’s all in how you are raised.

I'm a southern girl... so I love food .. and pray that one day God will give me an eating disorder so that I don't crave it all the time. But alas, he has yet to fulfill my wishes.

Ghosts: The obvious follow up question - how and why did you become a blogger? That's a complement by the way.

Jenn: I really don't know how I became a blogger. I just sorta fell into it. People were always wanting to know what I was up to.. and how life was treating me. So rather than answer a thousand or so emails with the same redundant "fine.. great.. traveling a lot," I figured a blog is the best way to tell the world what I have been up to. Besides, I find writing to be extremely therapeutic, especially when it is about a subject I hold near and dear to me.

Ghosts: If you had a time machine what era, year, time period and/or place would you travel and why?

Jenn: Hmm. I've always said I was born in the wrong era. But I don't know exactly where I would fit in. I love the old movies of the 20's and 30's... and absolutely love old film stars like Humphrey Bogart and Judy Garland. I love the fact that Marilyn Monroe was really a size eight... and was considered to be a bombshell.. when people nowadays think Jennifer Love Hewitt is a fat ass simply because she has some junk in the trunk. To me... that's hot. To not have to slave away at a gym and on a treadmill and still be considered beautiful... that would be awesome.

Then again, being naturally curly makes me a prime candidate to love the 80's.. so... who knows where my time machine would take me.

All I know is...

"Roads?.. Where we're going ... we don't need roads."

Ghosts: What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon as a youngin’?

Jenn: Favorite Saturday morning cartoon was definitely, hands down Scooby Doo. I loved solving some crazy monster mystery in 30 minutes flat. Granted it was usually Old Man Peabody in the glowing diving suit.. but I was still surprised every time. I never did figure out what the haze was in the back of the mystery van.. but my guess is it definitely had something to do with the boys obsession for a Scooby Snack 24-7.

Ghosts: What's on the "On The Go" playlist on your iPod these days?

Jenn: iPod?... what is this technology you speak of?... I have two iPods but rarely use either of them unless I am running. I think it has to do with my general ineptness with new technology. I can never figure out how to get those damn things to load. Sigh.

But I can tell you my music tastes are pretty eclectic and random. Anything from 80's to Jay-Z to Old School Britney (before the mental breakdown)... yeah.. that's me.

Ghosts: We asked this question once to our buddies at Brahsome.com and thought it was a keeper. Do you have any go to dance moves?

Jenn: I dunno if I have "go to” dance moves?.. unless that dance move is called "Go to the Bar." Seriously. I am white. Uncoordinated as ever... it's straight up embarrassing. But get a few cocktails in me.. and I'll shake my ass like I'm in a bad rap video. As for our Southern tradition of line dancing?.. It's too ritualistic for me. Like a cult.. but with fried chicken, mudding tires, and a twelve pack of Natty Light.

Ghosts: What's next for you? It sounds like you are moving away from the writing a little in favor of some on the air opportunities?

Jenn: I take every opportunity on an individual basis. If something seems like the right fit for me.. then I'm in. I enjoy writing and being on air... because I feel that if you're doing it right... your personality will shine through regardless.

Ghosts: Are you fantasy football player? If so, how's the team looking down the stretch? You make the playoffs?

Jenn: I am a fantasy football player... I was the number one tight end drafted in my fantasy football league. ;) Actually, I've been so overwhelmed with my travel schedule that I didn't join a league this year. Sigh. I've missed it dearly..

Ghosts: What has been your proudest achievement since this whole wild ride got started?

Jenn: Honestly, I can't pick just one thing that I am proudest of. I am still in the process of figuring out what I want to do with my life. So.. ask me in five years. I'll get back to you.

Ghosts: What has been the best (or worst) pickup line you have ever received?

Jenn: Nothing shocks me anymore...but I can't even remember them. They are that bad. So blended together. I'm sure it had to do with a band aid and scraping a knee when they fell... or something terrible like that.

Ghosts: Top 5 albums of all time.

--Anything by the Beatles
--Any 80's Movie Soundtrack
--Stankonia by Outkast
--Stripped by Christina Aguilera
--College Dropout by Kanye West

Ghosts: Which of the following apply to Jenn's time? Movies, nachos, weed, video games, the Family Guy, Desperate Housewives, Greek salads, the beach, or watching NFL Network (oh wait, nobody gets it), or other?

Jenn: Is this in Jenn's fantasy time... or real world?...

Movies-- a given.. half of my conversations are in movie quotes... it’s only natural that this is a major part of my life.

Nachos-- only in fantasy land. I love junk food.. but I love fitting into my hot clothes more. So.. only in a fantasy land.

Weed-- Never. Not my style.

Video Games-- Guitar hero is amazing.

Family Guy-- But of course. One of the greatest shows ever made. Seth McFarland is a genius. I got to meet him and the entire cast out in LA. They are as funny in person as they are in toon.

Desperate Housewives-- Never fell into this trap. Dunno why. Just not my thing. Dexter is my guilty pleasure. Great show. Slightly morbid... but well written. Probably the best on television.

Greek Salads-- major staple in my diet. But aren't salads for most girls?.. I am a huge steak and potatoes girl.. but I indulge in a moderate basis.

Beaches-- The place. Not the movie. That was some depressing-ish. I love the sun... the waves... everything about it. I love the beach as just a place to get away from reality. Of course... the sunburn always brings you back to the real world... but it’s a small sacrifice for the greater good.

The NFL Network-- as long as it’s at a sports bar... because I certainly don't own it. I have Sirius satellite radio.. so I partake in the audio version when I am driving... otherwise... I'm letting the bar foot the bill for all my football needs.

Ghosts: Did you have a gut feeling when you went to those FSU games in college that you would grab some attention from the cameras?

Jenn: I mean... did I know guys like boobs?... Then.. YES. But, did I go into it thinking it would create the madness it did???... Never in a million years.

Ghosts: And last but not least, who is your favorite actor or actress from the 80s?

Jenn: My favorite actor or actress from the 80's???... Hm.. I really can't pick just one. 80's movies are my guilty pleasure in case you couldn't tell from my blog. I'm a huge John Hughes fan. So... pick a member of the Breakfast club.. and I'm a fan. Although, I do love me some Patrick Dempsey ala "Can't Buy Me Love." Besides, you really can't feel bad for him when you know he gets hot twenty years later. ;)

Ghosts: Well, thanks so much for stopping by and providing some fun insight to your crazy life these days. It was really a pleasure. Thanks for hanging out and we look forward to all the big things in your future. Keep it real, yo.

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DCScrap said...

I'll refrain from commenting...oops...

More Credible said...

Yeah, she's pretty tight. I'm glad you guys put her on the Hot Seat and got some good information out of her once.

Max and I can't seem to. She's such a hardass.

(NOT!) But great work on both sides.

buzz said...

Speaking of Judy Garland, this week over at The Judy Garland Experience they are featuring amazingly rare recordings of Judy at the 1964 Night Of 100 Stars at the Palladium, her segment from the Greek Resistance concert, never before heard duets with Liza Minnelli, plus many more concert items, as well as ultra rare broadcast clips and rehearsal recordings.
The group also features the rarest Judy Garland pictures anywhere (many taken by our own members), and lively discussion and games (some with Judy prizes). If you are a Judy Garland fan it would be worth your while to check it out.
Here is the link:

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I love you Jenn.

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Hey, I do like Boobs. Guilty.

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14:59...tick, tick, tick

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