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by The Prophet, ProphetFighting


Welcome to the Epic Carnival live coverage of the Floyd Mayweather/Ricky Hatton fight. I'm Jim, aka The Prophet and I'm EC's resident boxing/MMA guru. In addition to my weekly "Tuesday Tapout" column here at EC I have my own boxing/MMA website ProphetFighting.com. In early 2008 I'll be in charge of a new MMA website called "The Savage Science". If you're a MySpace user you should join the "Savage Science" MySpace group to stay up to date on the new site.


Not sure which undercard fights will be televised but unlike the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight it looks to be fairly entertaining with fights involving Jeff "Left Hook" Lacy and legitimate badass Daniel Ponce de Leon. We'll keep you up to date on the undercard as well heading up to the main event.

If you've decided to save your hard earned money and not buy the PPV I'd recommend you head over to SPIKE in an hour or so. They're running the UFC "Ultimate Fighter" finale with a headline match between Clay Guida and Roger Huerta. This has "match of the year" potential and is definitely worth watching.

We'll try to keep everything orderly here--what I'll probably do is start a new post for every fight. I'm sure you people can figure it out....


Jim Lampley gets things started off quickly with a little bit of hype and then right to the rematch between Edner Cherry and Wes Ferguson. These guys fought earlier this year with Cherry winning by unanimous decision. Lupe Contreras introduces the fighters--if they don't have Michel Buffer out for the main event I'll demand my money back. I'll try to do the coverage of this fight on this post and then we'll start a new one for the subsequent fights.


The typical late arriving Las Vegas crowd greets the fighters with a smattering of applause giving the effect of the bout being held in a high school gym. Vic Drakulich--one of my favorite refs--gives the instructions and it's time to go to work:


Edner Cherry is wearing red shoes with inordinately high matching red socks along with red and blue trunks. From the waist down he looks like a black Superman. Not much going on so far--mostly clutch and grab stuff. In the prefight Jim Lampley informed us that Ferguson got to roll with Floyd Junior on his late night cruises through Sin City. That'll no doubt help his training and preparation for the fight. Lampley mentions the weigh in yesterday which was innundated by scores of drunken Brits. Round ends without anything really happening. Really an even round but I'll give it to Cherry since if its a crooked decision he'll get the nod. 10-9 Cherry


More clutch and grab to start the round, which Cherry's corner admonished him for between rounds. Cherry working effectively to the body though not causing any real damage. Cherry sticking the jab now, both fighters moving better. Round ends to another smattering of applause and I'll give this one to Cherry as well. 10-9 goes the round, Cherry up 20-18 for the fight...


Ferguson obviously didn't talk about boxing on his late night jaunts with Mayweather--he's not working his jab despite his corner yelling at him to do so. Of course Mayweather seldom works his jab either, often leading with an overhand right. The difference is that Mayweather is who he is and Ferguson is who he is. In other words, just because I play hoops with my tongue sticking out it don't mean I'm Michael Jordan. Cherry dictating the fight, stalking Ferguson and using his jab to set up other punches. No damage, but Cherry easily winning the fight. Another 10-9 round for Cherry, 30-27 for the fight.


Harold Lederman has the fight two rounds to one for Ferguson. Lampley makes a smart ass retort to Lederman's suggestion that its a "very interesting fight". Lamps heckles Lederman, saying that "he's in a small minority" of people who think this fight's interesting. More holding and hitting, Cherry letting his hands go but not really finding the mark. I don't blame the drunk Brits for staying outside the arena and downing more adult beverages. Ferguson finally listening to his trainer Roger Mayweather and establishing the jab. I'm going to give him this round because he listened to his corner. 10-9 Ferguson, making the fight 39-37 Cherry...


Good thing I got my Ritalin prescription renewed this month or I couldn't stay awake during this fight. Ferguson starts by working the jab, but then backs up into the ropes and lets Cherry hit him. Ferguson landing the crisper, more effective punches. Lamps hasn't said anything and we're a minute and a half in. Maybe he's asleep. I mean he hasn't said a word--finally Manny Steward breaks the uneasy silence with some trainer's wisdom. Just another ugly round that's still up for grabs heading into the last half minute. Cherry flurries for a moment, but none of his punches connect. Nice combination by Ferguson to end the round and I'll give it to him based on that. 10-9 Ferguson 48-47 Cherry still leading...


Out of nowhere Cherry lands a left hook and Ferguson goes down. Cherry now letting his hands go looking for the KO. Hard to see if Ferguson is hurt. Left hook followed by a body shot and Ferguson does look somewhat shaky. Ferguson trying to hold on but I can't tell how badly he's hurt. Ferguson lands a nice series of punches--Cherry may have punched himself out going for the KO. Ferguson moving better and apparently has his legs under him. HOLY SHIT! Out of nowhere Cherry lands a HUGE left hook that sends Ferguson for a loop. Manny Steward correctly observes before Ferguson hits the canvas that "its over" and that proves to be prophetic as ref Draculich waves it off. Lamps quips that Ferguson went down "like the proverbial sack of bricks". Manny suggests that Ferguson shouldn't even bother training for 6 months or so and should be considering his future in the sport. At least he can still gravy train on Mayweather. Or maybe not, since Manny says that Floyd has been "supporting him financially and that may be in jeopardy now". Official result is Edner Cherry winning by KO at 2:59 of the 6th round.


Remember when I said that Cherry looked like a "black Superman"? At the time my graphics girl Amanda--who did the spiffy Hatton/Mayweather banner promoting this very live blog--quipped that "he looked like a Bomb Pop". Damned if she didn't nail it--Cherry's nickname is "The Cherry Bomb". Call me old fashioned, but I'm not sure that a professional prizefighter should try to look like a popsicle.

They're showing Hatton and Mayweather in the dressing rooms now. Mayweather chilling with his kid, Hatton shadow boxing. Next fight should be better as Daniel Ponce de Leon is a serious badass. I'll start a new post for this fight, so head over there now...


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Phillips said...

We're live-blogging this too over at Rumors and Rants. Just have to say that this Cherry/Ferguson fight is about to put me to sleep.

The Prophet said...

We're live-blogging this too over at Rumors and Rants. Just have to say that this Cherry/Ferguson fight is about to put me to sleep.

That's why I take Ritalin...

Mac G said...

Hey Prophet, whats your take on the big fight? Did you watch any of the HBO 24/7 show? It was awesome.

Phillips said...

Why don't baseball fans have songs like soccer/Hatton fans? That's a trend I really wouldn't mind seeing.

DCScrap said...

I agree 100%, Phillips. That would be sweet. I mean we have the beer....

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