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by Mac G, Mac G's World

After watching Back to the Future 2 for the first time in 1989, I could not wait for the years in the 2000s where I could ride a hovered skateboard and drive flying cars.

While in the year 2007 technology has not reached the “Jetson” like levels portrayed by Marty McFly in the film, today’s high speed flow of information is monumental.

(One side note is that I also wanted to go in the future to get Biff’s Sports Almanac so I could win at betting which obviously did not take place because I now write on blogs for free!)

Social network sites, Googling, Wi-Fi spots, IMs, Emails, Blogs, Texting, PDAs are just a few examples of the many of technological advances that have entered our daily lives.

In the sports world, technology has continually progressed how sports interacted with its fans. TV talk shows had their forum at one time.

Sports Talk Radio dominated late 80s and the early 90s as new outlets for fans to display their joys and frustrations of their favorite teams.

As the Internet became more mainstream in the mid 90s, team oriented message boards gained tremendous popularity. In the 00s, we have witnessed the explosion of individual and sports related blogs.

Arguments can be made whether or not these advances have been beneficial to sports or not but they sure have fueled rumor, gossip and innuendo around individual teams.

This has been quite apparent in the latest D1-AA College football coaching searches after a rash of firings left 15 head coaching vacancies, with only 4 currently filled.

The newest craze is for fans to use online Flight Tracking Information to track potential coaching prospects traveling to certain cities for job interviews.

Fans/Bloggers find a suspicious flight pattern or flight activity and post the information on a blog/message board. Sometimes even the local media gets in on the hysteria.

Sounds crazy, right? Actually, not at all and it has become almost norm.

Last off season, Alabama fans were tracking planes all over the place in their hiring of Nick Saban.

Last week, a prominent Michigan blog, M Go Blog, posted about a flight going from an airport near Ann Arbor to an airport near Iowa City, then going back quickly to Ann Arbor. This led to rampant speculation that Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz was on board. It turned out to be just coincidence. An Iowa Blog has a hilarious take on the flight snafu.

Nebraska Cornhuskers fans got in on the air madness by tracking a single individual plane owned by a prominent Nebraska booster. Interim AD Tom Osborne was flying around in this plane interviewing coaches. The Nebraska media was following Osbourne's search by the plane's location. It became so bad that it actually led to this:

The news media was thrown a curve ball Tuesday when it lost the ability to track the private plane used by Osborne and Perlman on Sunday and Monday. The aircraft registered to Norfolk Iron and Metal Co., owned by NU booster Richard Robinson, paid a fee to have it removed from flight-tracking Web sites.

This website is reporting about SMU possibly picking up Navy's Paul Johnson in Gerald Ford's plane.

Gerald Ford is a big time SMU donor and not the dead president.

As more coaching gigs are filled, stay tuned for more flight related stories that are sure to be stirred up online.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jackass,the Stadium at SMU and SMU booster is not the dead president, they just share the same name.

Anonymous said...

You don't mention the first time the flight tracking was used...shame...


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