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by Sterling Gould, More Credible

How does it feel to have thousands of thousands of people's balls shoved down your throat? No idea? Or no desire to find out? Just ask Billy Gillispie, Kentucky basketball coach.

If you're familiar with college sports (at all), you have an idea that there are certain schools that take certain programs more seriously than others. Kentucky basketball might be the overblown pinnacle of what fans and administration expect each and every season that the Big Blue take to the hardwood. So when Kentucky finally got rid of Tubby (or should I say, Tubby got rid of them?) and hired Gillispie from Texas A&M, Final Four was all the Lexington faithful would accept. Losing four straight games wasn't exactly what they had in mind this season. But Coach Billy Gillispie has his hopes set high and all. Kinda like that sad feeling you get after you outsmart a little kid. Not that I would know how that feels:

"We've got to figure out exactly what we are," said Gillispie, coaching in his home state for the first time since leaving Texas A&M last April. "We're caught in between offensively, we're caught in between defensively.

"Maybe, in some people's minds, we want to outscore everyone," he said. "At the biggest times in games, you have to get stops. We haven't gotten a stop all year when we've really needed to, I think."
That is some fucking brilliant investigative work, coach. I post this because of the ridiculous expectations Wildcat fans set for their team each season. By no means was this team supposed to be competitive this season, yet, because of the hiring of Gillispie, rumors of a Final Four run were in the air in the Bluegrass state. An under .500 record (4-5 at this point) will surely hush those whispers... fire up www.firebillygillispie.com.

Billy's a nice guy too, with some great hair by the way. If I was older and more pathetic than what I am now, he'd totally be my idol. But because I'm young and kick-ass, I kinda hope he crawls under a rock and dies.

Yo Billy, hate to break it to you bud, but Acie Law ain't walkin' through that door.

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UKChris said...

Who, exactly, are you targeting here? UK fans or Coach Gillispie? Lest we forget, UK was ranked at the beginning of the season and if the players weren't so god damned injury-prone, they might be able to live up to these expectations.

BTW, I don't want Acie Law to walk through that door. I do, however, want him to be able to field a full team without having to worry about Patterson's ankle or Meek's stress fracture or Jasper's knee.

Is that too much to ask?

Sexual T said...

If I'm a coach, I'm sticking with a school that has realistic expecations. Who wants to put up with that kind of shit?

BTW, your blog is nice. Glad to be part of the "link" group we got going on.

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