Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: TOP 10 XMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR BITTER EAGLES FANS


by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

10. A DVD of the following play, with frame by frame high def clarity

9. A Kevin Kolb jersey, without the knowledge that they're going to turn on him just like all the rest

8. Freddie Mitchell's phone number, so you can hire him to clean your gutters and rake up your leaves

7. A contract extension for Tom Coughlin

6. Tony Romo's thumb injury to crop up in a back-breaking moment in a Cowboys' first-round playoff loss, kind of like, oh, this one...

5. A contract extension for Joe Gibbs

4. A first-round playoff loss for the Patriots, just on general principles

3. Andy Reid's kids to get shivved in the hole, ending their ability to distract the coach from what's really important

2. A signed apology and promise that he'll just go away from LJ Smith

1. Amnesia for all games in 2007, with the notable exception of that win in Dallas

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