Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: THE WORLD IS JUST NOT SAFE FOR ATHLETES ANYMORE


by DCScrap, Editor

It's been quite a month or so for athletes and the criminal element. First, we had the tragic death of Sean Taylor, then Jamaal Tinsley getting shot at, then Shelden Williams carjacked at gunpoint, and now the sixth ranked women's tennis player in the world has been tied up and held hostage while her attackers stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of her property.

Russian tennis star Anna Chakvetadze was tied up by masked robbers who broke into her home Tuesday and stole money and goods worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, her father said.

Six assailants approached the home outside Moscow before dawn, tied up a maid in another building and forced her to hand over a remote control enabling them to enter the house through the garage, Dzhamal Chakvetadze told NTV television.

"They started to beat me, and I resisted. They hit me over the head with, I think, a pistol butt. It was dark," he said, taking off his cap to show his bruised scalp. "They took out a pistol and told me my child was at home -- reminded me -- and they told me to hand everything over. I did."

Are we getting to the point where athletes are going to have to have armed guards walking their property and packing heat anytime they deign to go out in public? Is there a sport left where its athletes are not going to have to be constantly looking over their shoulders? What is going on, people?

I'd love to make some joke about how I'd like to tie up Ms. Chakvetadze for a little eh-eh eh-eh, but after careful consideration, this whole string of criminal events has me wondering what the future looks like for today's athletes. Will fans access to autographs and photographs slowly stop happening? Are fans at some point just simply not going to be allowed any personal contact with stars of sport? Why are athletes suddenly being targeted more often by ne'r do wells. The face of sports is always changing and quite often its not positive, but is this recent trend simply a reflection of our society or is something more sinister taking place?

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