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by Vent, Busted Coverage

Welcome to the BCS Championship live blog. We'll get started momentarily. Please excuse me while I chase down some last minute Ohio State poon to post when they score all 2 of their touchdowns.

Tonight's Ground Rules:

OSU scores = Hot, pasty white chick from Ohio
LSU scores = Southern Belle who would make a great soccer mom

BCS Title Game Broadcast Team - Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis


  • Corso takes OSU. That spells trouble for Bucks fan.
  • The Fox pregame show has to be the most boring shit on TV. And what's with that group singing the national anthem. This isn't a very good start.
  • Take heads on the coin toss. Calling it right now.
  • Off to a great start. Wrong already.

  • The over/under on end of game is set at 12:21 EST
  • The over/under on American Idol promos is set at 28
  • Did I just see that correctly? The kicker wears #69! Sweet!
1st Quarter
  • That didn't take long for LSU to get a hit on Boeckman. I'll have another drink, bartender.
  • How about that SEC speed. F@ckers couldn't catch a 230-pound RB. Suck it LSU!
  • 7-0 OSU

  • We'll start slow with the photos. Can't blow our wad early.
  • Who's the team with the jitters? The critics were so right. Unbelievable.
  • Here are my immediate impressions: Teddy Ginn is going to get laid by multiple broads tonight after the game, LSU fan has unleashed a magnum of hard shit and American Idol has yet to be driven down my throat. For that I'm happy.
  • Just to prove that there are people reading this, if you could please write the state from which you are following along in the comments section. That way I know this wasn't a waste of my time.
  • Speed kills. Busted Coverage is defensive suicide.
  • Teddy Ginn just lined up at least 3 blondes who want to be with a 1st round draft pick and stud kickoff returner.
  • And the South African gives the Bucks a 10-0 lead! Yee Haw!

  • So now we know that Jacob Hester can run pretty damn well for a white guy.
  • LSU definitely has the under on the time of game betting line. This sucker might make it under 12 a.m.
  • Beanie Wells was a 9/2 favorite to score the 1st TD according to Bodog.
  • Colt David total points O/U 7.5
  • He just got 3. 10-3 OSU!

  • What type of booze are you drinking tonight? My drink of choice is a Trader Joe's Winter Ale. High alcohol content prevents me from drinking too much. Wouldn't want to do that.
  • And the Bucks finally punt. I suppose they've answered a few questions in the 1st.
  • End of 1: 10-3 OSU

2nd Quarter:
  • And OSU makes the first dumb play of the game. I wonder what the odds were on Bodog.
  • And the second dumb mistake of the game. LSU closes in on hot chicks.
  • There we go! LSU gets it in the end zone and we get hotties. 10-10.

  • So Beanie Wells has become the front-runner for the 2008 Heisman. He's unstoppable against the vaunted SEC defense.
  • I swear I keep seeing LSU defenders chasing OSU offensive players from behind. And here I believed ESPN talking heads this entire time.
  • And OSU makes the 3rd stupid mistake of the game.
  • These chicks go to OSU and caught my attention while watching Boeckman throw down field.
  • Has Fox given up on American Idol. I seem to remember only 1 or 2 promos. Meanwhile, Teddy Ginn Blackberry's the Varsity Club of New Orleans for double shots with his blondes at halftime.
  • That 3rd down drop in the end zone hurts OSU. Floggings to begin any moment.
  • This is starting to get ugly for OSU. Mistakes, blocked field goal and now a Flynn to some WR TD makes it 17-10 LSU!

The one on left has connections to LSU, or so says the site I found it on.
  • Anyone else totally bored by this broadcasting tandem. We don't hear their voices all year and then they come out for the BCS. Charles Davis is weak and Thom couldn't carry his dad's jock.
  • Can Todd Boeckman win this game with his arm? I say not a chance. Did you see the Illinois game?
  • Like I said, not a chance. And I'm off to chase down some more rare LSU poon that you horny freaks haven't see before.
  • Teddy Ginn just ordered his first bottle for him and the girls at the Varsity Club. He'll be pounding broads by the 11 minute mark of the 4th. Count on it. Bodog has the odds at 3-1.
  • Hester isn't bad for a white guy. 24-10 LSU!

  • Now how important was the drop in the end zone. OSU is f@cked.
  • I'll be watching this at halftime. A few times.
  • The more of the Superdome I see during this game the more I wonder which areas of the dome people were taking dumps out in the open. That place must have smelled like a truck-stop shitter.
Ohio State fan starts halftime properly
  • Where the hell is ZZTop? This is bullshit!
  • Josh Huston has a great faux hawk and wins something important for OSU tonight. Kudos, brother.
  • I can't wait anymore. If OSU doesn't score again I'll be kicking myself for findin these chicks too late.

  • No pop artist? No hot chick singer? College bands? Fox really knows how to ruin a college football game. We could give a shit about Urban Meyer. Give us Rhianna. Or whatever her name is.
  • Now that is one bad ass medallion around brutha's neck.
  • Bodog odds that JaMarcus Russell was completely bombed out of his mind: 3-2.
Herbie tweaks Corso courtesy of TV Tan Line
3rd Quarter:
  • Why use the 'H' in the name Thom? Anybody?
This OSU dog has some major ups. Not SEC ups, but still, very nice
  • Mistake #4 OSU. Running into the kicker. Automatic first down.
  • Mistake #5. Personal Foul OSU.
  • Doucet goes in for 6 and this game is officially out of control. 31-10 LSU!
  • Face it Buckeye fan, OSU didn't deserve to be in this game. USC-LSU would have been great because all that SoCal tail would have been on parade. That's all I really care about anyway. This game is over but we still have time to enjoy some great photos.

  • I wonder what OSU guy who spent $5,000 large to travel to New Orleans is feeling right now? A.) This is a bad nightmare B.) My wife will file for divorce when she gets the Visa bill C.) F@ck it, let's get some hookers and enjoy our last night in the Big Easy.
  • This is too easy for LSU. I'll say they get 2 more TDs. 45-17 sounds about right.
  • So Matt Flynn feels sorry for OSU. Throws the pick and we could get some more OSU tail before this disaster is over.
  • Tressel makes the right call. Boeckman finally makes a clutch throw. 31-17 LSU!
4th Quarter:
  • It's strange. I've been at this college football gig since September and it's all come down to one quarter. One quarter to provide the best poon of the year. One quarter to prove my worthiness to the poon community. Let's come together to make this the best quarter of the year.

  • The 12:21 O/U is going to be close. If we get a ton of timeouts combined with play reviews it's going to be extremely close.
  • Did you catch the story about Todd Boeckman dating the OSU defensive coordinator's daughter?
  • Mistake #6. Fumbling on 4th down. Boeckman cannot win this game with his arm. I said it in the 1st quarter. Game. Set. Match.
  • Under 1 hour for the Time of Game Challenge. Fox will be expending its commercial allotment and OSU its timeouts. Looks like I nailed this one on the head.
  • How about some random LSU tail?

  • Teddy Ginn just left the Varsity Club for the Four Seasons. It's on now.
  • I told you Todd Boeckman couldn't win the game with his arm. Let the party begin in the Big Easy. It'll be a long trip home for Buckeye fan.
LSU chicks enjoy Crawfish Boil in NYC
  • And some LSU guys scores TD. 38-17 LSU! It's over and we post one more photo.
From LSU Halloween festivities....I swear.
  • OSU proves, yet again, the SEC owns them. Sad times in Columbus. Thanks, Corso.
  • Bucks get a sympathy TD to make it 38-24.

12 comment(s):

DCScrap said...

uh oh

Anonymous said...

LSU is driving back

lawvol said...

Since you asked ... NC here.

And yes, I agree the National Anthem singer pretty much sucked.
- lawvol: http://Gate21.net - Life, the Universe, & College Football

Michael said...

Hopefully OSU can stop their bad plays.

thegasman said...

you're more prepared than troy aikman for a cowboys-redskins hypefest.

i don't think people appreciate the work you put into this.

it ain't easy coming up with enough poon for a game that looks like it's going 28-24.

Vent said...

I'm praying for more OSU scoring so you guys can see some of the Buckeye tail I've got prepared.

Top shelf.

DCScrap said...

was it really 10-0 at one point? OSU needs to stop taking an early lead in these title games...

DCScrap said...

now that is a fucking beer glass

Brian P. Foley said...

My live blogs were better...Bo Pelini should not be coaching in this game either.

Anonymous said...

hey man great blog ... great pics and great game :)

DCScrap said...

take solace buckeye fans... you will always have this. And that is no small potatoes.

UKChris said...

well, folks. that just about does it. OSU fails again. anyone REALLY surprised?

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