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by Jordi Scrubbings, The Serious Tip

Ok, maybe not.

But in their last three games, the Celtics have only one win. For the best team ever assembled, that is not very good. If they continue this pace for the next 40+ games, the Boston Celtics will end the season approximately 47-35. Good enough to make the playoffs, but hardly the record of a legendary juggernaut. So what will happen if the Celtics play .333 ball until April? Let's take a look ...

April 2008
(a memo from the future)

In their last 40 games, the Boston Celtics have won only one-third of their games, finishing the season a mediocre 47-35. Disappointment has reigned in Boston at a level not seen since the British enacted the Stamp Act. Effigies of Doc Rivers hang in every pub, bar, club, and associated establishment throughout New England. After the Red Sox and the Patriots cruised to their championships, the humble masses of New England hoped for so much more from their beloved Celtics.

And what of the team itself? What went wrong? Well, first of all, the Celtics learned teams have to play a five man game, 3-on-3 is not the NBA way. Their complete and utter lack of depth was their Achilles heel since mid-January, when the Washington Wizards handed them their first of many two game losing streaks.

Although Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce all had all-star seasons, the dynamic trio was not enough to support the complete lack of offensive production from the remaining nine. On February 10 versus San Antonio, for example, the Big Three scored all 72 points as the Celtics fell to the Spurs 87-72. The game against the Spurs proved how just how far the rest of the Celtics had to go, as the Spurs trio of Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli scored only 70% of their team's points.

So what will become of the Celtics? As they enter the playoffs, their immediate chances don't look too bad, as they play the upstart Atlanta Hawks. With a series win against the Hawks, the Celtics would be heavy underdogs against the Washington Wizards, who are favored to win their opening series against the New Jersey Nets. So if the Celtics in time lose in the playoffs, is this the end of the great Big Three Experiment? Will the team consider building around the sometimes stellar play of rookie Big Baby Davis? Will Garnett again be on the move?

Somewhere in Heaven, sharing a holy beer and a cigar with Dennis Johnson, Red Auerbach is looking down, frowning. This wasn't supposed to happen.

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Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?

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