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by Mac G, Mac G's World

The only thing I remember from the TV game show Family Feud is that it used to be hosted by the British guy from Hogan's Heroes (Richard Dawson) and the contestants usually were clueless.

While trolling You Tube for my daily quest for comedic entertainment, I came across videos of a Family Feud episode with NBA players that was aired last November.

Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Richard Jefferson, David Lee, Cuttino Mobley, and Grant Hill were on one team. They were faced up against a team consisting of their mothers and all the proceeds went to charity.

J Peterman, no longer running a catalog, is now the host of Family Feud and it appears that he has kicked his opium habit.

I do not want to ruin what transpired on this hilarious episode. Check it Out.

The look on Chris Bosh's mom is hysterical.

It is like a NBA groupie came up with these three questions. Awesome.

Dwight Howard knows all about Birthday Suits, Porn Star Style.

I was unable to locate the ending but I would favor Bosh and Howard to win the fast money round.

2 comment(s):

BD said...

Peterman still runs the catalog I believe. He was interviewed a few months back on a local morning show and at that time he was still running it.

Belushi said...

The reaired that episode over the Holidays. So I caught it while I was channel surfing at the in-laws house. A few points:

1) It was a brilliant concept.
2) They dumbed down all of the categories.
3) Thank goodness for the players that David Lee & Grant Hill were on their team.
4) Dwight Howard needs to get a new wardrobe consultant.

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