Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: GISELE BUNDCHEN SPORTING WALK BOOT


by Sterling Gould, More Credible

NEW YORK, NEW YORK (AP) - Apparently, Tom Brady isn't the only one showing some love for the medical walk boot. Honey Bunny Gisele Bundchen was seen last night in a Victoria Secret's underground Runway show with the medical booty as well. "It's the latest crave in fashion", the Brazilian supermodel admits. "Tommy was doing it because I had requested him to do so, I had no idea it would be such a fiasco!".

The fiasco those talking luscious legs are referring to are the reports of Patriots Quarterback wearing a medical boot Monday in New York City while visiting his girlfriend. Some have visual evidence, and some deny the claim that he was, Brady does not.

"Yeah, it was a medical boot. What's your f--king point?," the quarterback steamed. "I could unload baby batter all over the Liberty Bell if I felt like it. Why you gotta' front?" This reporter won't deny that Brady probably could do something like that, without penalty. In part because it would be the most beautiful thing to grace our nation since the birth of "freedom fries". The Liberty Bell and freedom fries were not available for comment by the time this article was to be published.

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