Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: TOP 11 RAMIFICATIONS OF THE COMING RECESSION TO SPORTS


by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

With the next two weeks consisting of nothing but Super Hype and regular season basketball, the Lists are expanding beyond the sports pages, just in time to learn that our 401K is officially worthless. Whoopie!

But as long as there's blogging, we're getting the good spot under the bridge, the one with that stays dry and upwind of the other hobos. How will the rest of the sports world react to an economic downturn?

11. "Cribs" show switches over to tricked-out trailers

10. Terrell Owens will have many fewer reasons to live

9. Athlete posses housed in guest rooms, not guest houses

8. Steroids and HGH will be bought in Canada, not the US

7. Many WNBA players to have fewer apples and salt licks

6. PR-savvy athletes will trade in signing pictures for signing soup cans

5. Paternity suits will be settled for pennies on the dollar

4. Many shows will no longer be shown in HD; hundreds of sideline reporters rejoice and cancel upcoming surgeries

3. NBC's Sunday Night Is Football Night Because That Is A Night In Which Football Is Played studio telecast cut down to a skeleton crew of eight in-studio analysts

2. The cliche about which team is hungrier will no longer just be an expression of speech

1. After a brutal and wild round of cost-cutting, the average annual salary in the NBA will be cut down to only the lifetime earnings of three people, instead of five

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