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Threatening People With Ending Their Careers Can Do Funny Things: I don't know what LeBron James said to his teammates before last night's game, but he put the fear of God into them. Larry Hughes scored 40 points... Wait. Let me say that again. Larry Hughes scored 40 points to lead the Cavs to a 118-111 win over the Magic. James chipped in with 29 points and 11 rebounds, to go with a prolonged sense of relief at not having to score 40 points every single night. The win pulls the Cavs within 2 games of Orlando for the 3 spot in the East. Orlando dropped to just 13-11 at home. Apparently Donald Duck leads a suck-ass "D-Fense!" chant.

Consider It A Microcosm For The Season: Jose Calderon deserved the Garnett All-Star spot, guard to forward comparison be damned. Calderon responded by going off for 27 and 6. And of course, lost. Manu Ginobili popped off for 34 and 15 in his own All-Star vengeance, and the Spurs topped the Raps 93-88. Tim Duncan added 22-13 and two smiles as the Spurs try and limp into the All-Star break, currently the sixth seed in the West.

Yes, But, Why Is The Rum Gone?: Captain Jack added another piece in his mystical legend last night. Stephen Jackson went for 41 points to lead the Warriors to a come-from-behind win over the Wizards. The Wizards have lost 8 in a row now, and are staring at the Hawks coming for their precious 6 seed in the East. Rumor has it they've contacted a shaman to try and get healthy, since nothing else is working on the road trip from hell. The Dubs managed to maintain their death grip on the 8 seed, tied with Houston.

Elsewhere: Al Thornton thinks ignoring him is not nice, drops 25 for the Clips in a win over the Bucks. Houston won its seventh straight over Portland, behind Rafer Alston of all people. The Bobcats beat the Lakers! Just kidding, you didn't actually fall for that did you? Lakers roll 106-97, nyuck nyuck nyuck.

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