Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: MCNAMEE: I INJECTED ROGER CLEMENS' WIFE WITH HGH


by DCScrap, on 205th - Editor

According to a Washington source, former trainer Brian McNamee told congressional investigators that he injected Roger Clemens' wife, Debbie, with HGH before she appeared with Roger in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue in 2003.

[Debbie Clemens] discussed the photo shoot on her Web site.

"Roger came to me one day and told me that we had been asked to do a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated," Debbie Clemens recalls. "I had major anxiety! I was a 39-year-old mother of 4! Once I realized that this WAS going to be a reality, I decided I had to give it everything I had."

"My mind was set," Debbie Clemens continued. "I am not a risk taker, but have since learned that with great risk, sometimes comes great reward. The responses from that experience have been wonderful and I feel it was a turning point in my life. It's nice to have a goal for yourself and to see it through. The goal kept me motivated and focused. Using common sense and my ability to balance my life, I achieved that goal."

McNamee says that he injected her with HGH at Roger Clemens' direction. Wow. Just wow.

Better get to practicing that perp walk, Roger. I'd say you are officially retired now.

Daily News

2 comment(s):

Amaysing1 said...

Wow. 39 and a mother of 4. They need to pass that out to fat women worldwide...


DCScrap said...

Where is the outraged response from the Clemens camp?

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