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by Zac, Throwing Into Traffic

Offseason Moves You Missed is a new feature that will highlight the NFL offseason action that didn’t receive as much attention as it deserved.

It’s safe to say that you didn’t see much of Marty Booker last season. Why would you have? I’m pretty sure Dolphins games got lower ratings than late night TV on The Abortion Channel (oddly enough, that’s in the same cable package Comcast wants to use for the NFL Network). Still, after a season in which pass attack offenses came to the forefront, it’s worth noting that a 31 year old proven receiver who has averaged almost 14 yards a catch in a career with the Dolphins that has seen twice as many starting quarterbacks as it has seasons was let go for peanuts.

What makes this all much more significant is that every single successful team in this year’s playoffs had at least one solid receiver that you would certainly have to call a possession receiver (with the exception of San Diego, a team that has three legitimate playmakers operating vertically on offense). Furthermore, with Wes Welker having reinvented the position of slot receiver, you have to imagine that Booker will be getting a lot of calls, particularly by teams who lack a reliable second or third target to go with their downfield threat.

Still, the team that will really be affected by this is Miami. In a year in which Bill Parcells and his goon squad (Tony Sparano makes Jack Del Rio look like a foppish dandy) have professed that they’ll be going “old school” (the single most irritatingly cliché term in football strategy) and looking for “character guys,” the front office has managed to cut their leading receiver from the team. How is “character” not a guy who managed to show up to play and lead the team in receiving while being thrown to by the likes of Daunte Culpepper, Joey Heisman, the still moving corpse of Trent Green, John “Big Love” Beck, and less talented Daunte Culpepper? And he did it all all while the team is approaching historical levels of awful play (I don’t care if they went 1-15, the 2007 Dolphins are the worst ever). For anyone who’s watched the last several seasons unfold in Miami (the NFL Films equivalent of a snuff film), it’s been very evident that the team has had no interest in building around it’s solid, character guys (this move seems eerily similar to the team letting Randy McMichael go last season…an equally stupid move in terms of receiving targets…and his middle name is ALSO “Montez”…creeeeepy…). With this latest move, it’s looking like Parcells and co. are primed to repeat history by ignoring it.

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It's called Dolphidiocy. Or at least, it is now.

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