Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: ATHLETES AS RAPPERS FEATURING CHRIS WEBBER


by The Sports Diva, TSD Magazine

Why do they do it? Seriously, why does an athlete decide to become a rapper? Of course they don't do it for the money. Do they wake up one day thinking that they need to be more "street"? As a child did they always dream of holding the mic? I've always wondered why. But maybe I shouldn't question it. I should embrace it. It is another thing that helps us fans relate to them. Not in their music or lyrics. That is mostly terrible. But in the fact that they are human too. They make mistakes just like everyone else.

Today we will focus on Chris Webber's mistake. I do a lot of reading online and came across a video from AOL Black Voices. The song is called "Gangsta, Gangsta". The artist is Chris Webber (C-Webb in the rap world). The same C-Webb who called the timeout when Michigan didn't have anymore in the NCAA championship game. Of course he will always be remembered from that to call but I want to remember him from his rap career. Both are terrible but this is a bit funnier. So rap on C-Webb, rap on. VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP.

2 comment(s):

Sooze said...

That was so gangsta. Almost as gangsta as Lastings Milledge.

UKChris said...

Welcome aboard... very much so. And please, for all that's holy, don't forget about Neon Deion's "Must Be The Money."

I beg of you. ;)

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