Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: CIVILIZATION SAFE: ISAAC BRUCE WON'T WEAR #80


by wwtb?, Pacifist Viking

Thankfully, Isaac Bruce will not be wearing Jerry Rice's number when he plays for the San Francisco 49ers next year. To make us fully aware of just how closely we averted travesty, let us try find an equivalent for anybody but Jerry Rice ever wearing #80 for the 49ers again.

John McCain arrives at Republican National Convention with a beard and top hat, and keeps calling himself "three score and eleven."

Peter Griffin starts saying "D'oh!"

Woody Allen remakes Casablanca starring himself as Rick and Kathy Griffin as Ilsa.

How I Met Your Mother starts shooting scenes in Monk's coffee shop.

Wade Phillips wears Tom Landry's hat.

The University of Phoenix changes its name to IvyLeague.com.

The Chicago Cubs change the name of their ballpark. Oh wait.

George Bernard Shaw declares he's a better playwright than William Shakespeare. Oh wait.

George Lucas superimposes Hayden Christiensen into the end of Return of the Jedi. Oh wait.

Can you think of any other equivalents?

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