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by E. Spencer Kyte, Bugs and Cranks

Making my morning rounds through The Interwebs today, I landed on Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback over at SI like I frequently do and was shocked to read this line:

T-minus 33 days 'til Draft Day, and I'll give you my guess (and let's be honest-- we're all guessing) about the top of the draft. By top, I mean the top 10.
Not that Peter King picking players positions for the NFL Draft is startling, but that first part...

T-minus 33 days.

Really? Commissioner Iron Fist won't be announcing the Dolphins as being on the clock for another calendar month? Then why in the hell have I been inundated with Mock Drafts, Scouting Reports and Trade Scenarios for the last two months?

It's ridiculous the amount of time that gets devoted to the NFL Draft. Combines, Pro Days, Workouts, Wonderlics blah blah blah blah blah.

The minute the Giants got their hands on the Lombardi Trophy, all the attention shifted to trying to decided who goes where and why and I don't understand it.

I've read more articles and heard more talk about Chris Long and Darren McFadden since the last tick of the Super Bowl clock than I have about any other sport or athlete and they are still six months away from taking the field.

There are playoff races in both hockey and basketball going on right now and still we forecast the futures of kids whose futures surely can't be known. Baseball season gets under way tomorrow in Japan and a month before the draft there is more talk about whether Bill Parcells will trade the 1st Overall Pick or start the rebuilding process from the head of the draft board.

Somewhere, Mel Kiper Jr. is greasing back his hair, cursing me under his breath. That is, if he isn't too busy to pull himself away from all those scouting reports...

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