Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: MEET THE 2008 MARLINS MERMAIDS


by Mac G, Mac G's World

I am sure the purists hate cheerleaders in baseball but they are still clamoring for pitchers in the AL to hit, the end of inter league play and eliminating Wild Cards.

I love the idea of on field eye candy and it is a necessity to sit through some of those late summer games, especially when they involve teams out of playoff contention.

Not only is the the Florida Marlins organization savvy enough to still make huge profits by constantly undercutting their fan base because they trade away their stars instead of paying them a fair market rate, they intelligently field one hot cheer leading squad in the Marlins Mermaids.

Meet the 2008 Marlins Mermaids in the following video and obviously it does not matter that it is in Spanish.

I did not want to damper all this Marlins praise but male plus sized male cheerleaders called the "Manatees" is truly a horrible, horrible idea.

Stick with the Mermaids and these type of picture galleries.
Mermaid Tryouts-Day 1
Mermaid Tryout-Day 2
2008 Marlins Mermaids

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