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by Chris Richardson, Intentional Foul

We're all sports fans. If not, why would we be doing this? I mean, it's not like many of us are breaking the bank. So obviously, a love of sports has to prevail. Granted, we have a lot of good times talking about the absurdities in sports, but sometimes, the fans themselves deserve a good looking at.

Take for instance a group of fans residing in the Southeastern Conference. You know the one. They like to wear a lot of blue and identify heavily with Ashley Judd. Well, it seems a noticeable portion of this group doesn't like it when you talk badly (or incorrectly) about the school they support.

Just ask Davidson Head Coach, Bob McKillop.

Coach McKillop was asked about what separates teams like Davidson from the big boys and he responded with something along the lines of: "the Dukes, Carolinas and Kentuckys of the world, well, at least the Kentucky of old. They haven't had the same generation-to-generation success teams like Duke and Carolina have had." Now, his mistaken basketball knowledge aside (Davidson is a North Carolina school), I'm guessing he didn't think the Big Blue Nation would get a hold of his comments.

Well, they did. And boy, they were not happy about them either. And boy, did they respond. Not only did they eviscerate McKillop in the discussion thread, they also posted his email address. Needless to say, some enterprising Kentucky fans decided they'd drop the Davidson coach a line, telling him about error of his ways.

Yep, Kentucky fans emailed the coach of a mid-major to tell him just how great the Cats have been throughout history. And judging by McKillop's canned response, he got a lot of emails:

Kentucky is one of the legendary programs in basketball... NBA or NCAA. To do what they have done while going thru several coaching changes is extraordinary. It was my mistake not to clarify my thought that they have not done it with the same coach year after year after year since Adolph Rupp.

To win 3 titles in the past 30 years with 3 different coaches is incredible.
It shows that Kentucky has great coaching, great players... and... an even greater program. Good luck in the NCAA's... you guys will be there... and advance.

Excessive ellipses aside, you can almost feel the "are you f***ing kidding me" oozing out of McKillop's pores. However, his response wasn't the best one. That little designation was reserved for poster GC-mafia who offered this gem:

This walking colostomy bag should go swallow a shot gun blast,while riding on the Hindienburg over a gasoline refinery next to a nuclear reactor surrounded by toxic shark infested waters protected by gangbangers with flee infested pit bulls that have rocky mtn feaver.

Did anyone tell him Davidson is a nothing nobody cast away school for loser propsects that got a weak schedule and plays it year in and year out. He couldnt snill Rupps underwear or lace Clydes shoes. He would cream his jeans for our rejects like Cory Sears and Caruth. Id rather play for Union College than to play for a 2nd tier program like davidson.

Tell them how you really feel, brother. Just in time for March Madness too.

Of course, these actions are no worse than the brilliance that follows NASCAR around. The fact a Toyota won an actual race seems to have made the good ole boy network quite unhappy.

Don't you just love overzealousness?

3 comment(s):

Vic said...

It's unfortunate that we have those type of fans. Luckily most of us are peaceful and find better, more productive ways of dealing with things.

Jeffrey said...

Kentucky sucks out loud. Big Bc is too nice to spell it out to a deluded fanbase, but Kensucky hasn't been dominant in a few years and it isn't looking too awesome this year. Maybe next year... but regardless... this has not been an abberration.. like 8-20 for the Heels or "back surgery time" for the dookies.

The anger no doubt comes from the fact that they cannot prove otherwise on the court. If you have to argue so hard.. maybe you aren't so great.

Jeffrey said...

:Bic Bc shoudl read Big Mc" sorry

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