Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: TOP 12 LAME EXCUSES TO SKIP WORK FOR MARCH MADNESS


by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

12. Your religion's most holy day of the year is, coincidence of all coincidences, on the first two days of the tournament this year

11. March is Women's History Month, and you're just such a feminist, you need some time off

10. For the fourth consecutive year, a grandparent has died during the first round (and the memory of all of those deaths will cover many years to come)

9. Your remarkably fake-ass cough is developing into remarkably fake-ass fever and chills

8. Your cousin is a walk-on at George Mason, and needs someone to, um, take care of his cat

7. You're entering a 12-step program for gambling and alcoholism -- on Monday

6. You think I'm going to link that vasectomy story? Oh hell no.

5. You haven't become completely withdrawn and isolated from your family since the Super Bowl, and all of this participation in the life of others is ruining your family life

4. It's totally unfair that "It's that time of the month" doesn't work as an excuse for men

3. Your car / back / knees / pool is totally acting up

2. The kids they (and you) didn't even know you had are projectile vomiting, and they haven't even turned on Vitale yet

1. It's not like anyone actually gets any freaking work done on those two days anyway

3 comment(s):

Scott said...

That's pretty hilarious...how about for all the other sports?

Top excuses for getting out of work for the top 10 sporting events

Anonymous said...

those actually aren't very funny at all. I'm suprised SI linked them to Extra Mustard. I cracked a mild smile if any. You get an E for effort but don't give up the day job.....or maybe try going to get one.

Anonymous said...

Worst. Anonymous. Posters. Ever.

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