Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: TOP 12 REASONS WHY THE WARRIORS RENEWED DON NELSON


by DMtShooter, Five Tool Tool

12. Still shocked by the idea of being over .500 and watchable

11. Nothing else matters if you win a first round playoff series

10. Being the 8th seed is rarefied air for this franchise

9. General manager and recovering alcoholic Chris Mullin might be... well...

8. Wanted to make sure they signed the 67-year-old before a fifth NBA franchise did

7. Needs just 61 more wins to pass Lenny Wilkens on the all-time list, and that's a guaranteed attendance boon

6. If they didn't give him an extension, he's going to bring back Shawn Bradley

5. Only way to get him to not threaten retirement again

4. They sincerely believe that it will make Mark Cuban cry some more

3. Had to lock him up to make sure the Knicks didn't hire him back, given that his single season there 15 years ago is looking like the freaking Golden Age

2. When you are the genius behind such innovations as intentionally fouling Shaquille O'Neal, you are one hot coaching property

1. So long as he's employed, Baron Davis remains "healthy" and Stephen Jackson keeps his guns at home

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