Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: TORRE CAUGHT SLEEPING IN DUGOUT FOR FIRST TIME AS A DODGER


by Tbone, The Sports Hernia

It was a special moment in Vero Beach yesterday as Joe Torre was photographed taking his first in-game nap as manager of the the Los Angeles Dodgers. The 68-year old manager was first spotted by several photographers after attempting an aggressive nose pick that appeared to bring back feeble results.

"He was really going for it," said one onlooker in prime seats adjacent to the Dodger dugout. "I didn't see him pull out anything good, but his index finger was up there for so long that I think he must have gotten light-headed and just fell asleep. The nap was a good 15 minutes -- at one point he was using Lasorda's right breast as a pillow. It's a good thing Tommy was there today."

When bench coach Bob Schaefer finally woke him after several taps to his shoulder, head and even belly, Torre was overheard muttering, "just bring in Proctor, bring in Proctor," a frightening and all-too familiar phrase for Yankee fans last year.

Schaefer obeyed the order and Proctor performed admirably, walking the bases loaded on 12 consecutive pitches and giving up a ground rule double.

Torre's last nap is said to have been last year shortly before Alex Rodriguez hit a game ending walk-off home run against the Orioles, with the uneasy stampede exploding up the dugout steps as the reason for being awoken.

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