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by wwtb?, Pacifist Viking

Brett Favre has a record 442 career touchdown passes. That record will someday be broken, if not by Peyton Manning (136 touchdowns behind Favre, Manning has averaged 30.6 TD passes per season and never thrown fewer than 26 TD passes), then by some other QB whipping touchdowns all over the place.

But Brett Favre also has a record 288 career interceptions. That record will never fall. Here's why:

Durability and Longevity
Brett Favre played in 257 regular season games. For a QB to come close to Favre' 288 interceptions, he'll have to play a very long time.

There will be quarterbacks that throw interceptions at a higher rate than Favre. But most quarterbacks that throw a lot of interceptions do so because they suck. For a quarterback to play long enough to approach the INT record, he'll have to be very, very good. His greatness will have to outweigh the interceptions for the team to keep playing him.

Acquiescent local fanbase and local media
The residents of Wisconsin adore Brett Favre. Fans in another region might not be so tolerant of a QB that throws 29 interceptions in a season, no matter what he's done for the franchise previously.

Acquiescent coaches
After Mike Holmgren left, the Packers were coached by guys that weren't bigger than Favre, and they seemed afraid to take him on and play a little more safely. If Mike Holmgren left the Packers, I'm not sure Favre would currently have the record, either.

There just aren't as many QBs willing to play as reckless as Favre has played--and none of them are as good as Favre.

Enjoy the career interception record, folks: it will belong to Favre until you are dead. And don't worry about his consecutive games started streak--it was never the record anyway.

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