Epic Carnival | Where Sports and Pop Culture Collide: DESHAWN STEVENSON - RATED OVER?


by Cuzzy, Cuzoogle

Now that the Cavs are two games up on the Wizards it might be time for DeShawn Stevenson to take back his "overrated" statement towards King James. Sure we can all assume it was meant to fire up the Wiz and maybe get the Cavs to lose their focus but neither has happened.

If Washington does not play better soon they will be rated over and the Cavs will be marching on to Round 2.

Just to show you that DeShawn does not have the best track record for calling out what or who may not be all that and a bag of chips, here is a list of seven things Stevenson has termed overrated. As you will see the guy does not have a clue.

1. Blogging - It will never catch and nobody will read them, hence OVERRATED.

2. Starbucks coffee - Nobody will continue to pay five bucks for a cup of coffee. The whole industry is OVERRATED.

3. Tiger Woods - How can the guy be called the best when he does not win every tournament? So what if there is a video game named after him, he is very OVERRATED.

4. What Michael Vick did - The negative publicity and harsh punishment for the dog fighting mess was a joke. Dogs fight all the time, so what? The time did not fit the crime and therefore is very OVERRATED.

5. Global warming - So what if it is hot out and there is snow in California. What are we all moaning about? Winter in Washington sucks ass. Global warming is OVERRATED.

6. The weak U.S. dollar - I still got my money, why can't everyone else make more? Who cares if the dollar is weak as long as I can buy all my crazy shit. The story is OVERRATED.

7. Paris Hilton - That chick has no talent, no skills and is just a rich girl who loves the spotlight. Who the hell cares unless she is naked. She is very OVERRATED.

Okay so maybe DeShawn got one right. You throw enough darts you are going to hit the board eventually.

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Jeff V said...

There are 5 million celebrities that fit into the # 7 category.

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