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by Mac G, Mac G's World

If you have ever purchased tickets from MLB’s website, the “reward” is being automatically signed up for the individual team’s and MLB’s email list. The constant spam is your typical promotional type of information that immediately finds my trash folder without even opening it.

However, this subject heading email from Nationals.com immediately piqued my curiosity.

Meet Ricardo Chavira (Desperate Housewives) and Gabrielle Union at Ladies Night!

Further investigation into the details of this event was required. I love how it included the Desperate Housewives in parenthesis.

Ladies Night
Nationals vs. Cardinals
Thursday, June 5, 2008
Nationals Park, Garage B Rooftop
Events begin at 5 p.m. • First Pitch at 7:10 p.m.
Don't miss out, buy your ticket now to Ladies' Night 2008, with The Savvy Girls of Summer.
For only $30, you receive entry to the pregame party,
a Scoreboard Pavilion seat and a full evening of fun!

A bunch of women tailgating on a parking ramp while they gawk at a bunch of B rate TV celebs just tickles my funny bone.

It gets better as the night will include:

Nationals Player Appearances (Rob Mackowiak and Jesus Flores autographs always bring in the ladies. For possible baby mama repercussions, I hope Nats management keeps Elijah Dukes away from this event.)

"Dan the Man" - Diamond Club upgrades (Anyone with the nickname “The Man” sounds awesome)

Live DJ and entertainment (My guess would be Chip n Dale dancers but Nats ownership is too cheap)

Light food and drinks (Spritzers and Soggy Fries for sho)

Giveaways (Give that woman another white Nats TShirt with Bank Logo graffiti on it!)

Demos and sampling just for ladies (Free schwag is cool)

Book signing and presentation by The Savvy Girls of Summer ( Savvy sounds sophisticated)

Last year's sold-out event included (Sold Out? I did not know RFK and sold out ever were in the same sentence after the first game of 2005)

Manicures • Wine • Massage • Samples • Giveaways • and much more! (Wine, Manicure and Massage would get most women I know anywhere)

I kid because I care but I will pass on creeping around ladies night, snooping for blogger material because I already have tickets to the game. I am pumped because it is Ryan Zimmerman bobble head night.

Of course he just went on the DL, it is the Nationals Way!

Ladies Night at Nats Park

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